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22 Years Old, Low Libido After PCT

Hi, i am 22 years old and i followed this cycle (lifting for 7 years, decided to use gear once just because i was curious)
The cycle lasted 10 weeks:
-500mg test e/week during the first 8 weeks and 250mg/week during the last 2 weeks.
-200mg deca during the first 8 weeks mixed with the test in the same syringe. I took 400mg of deca instead of 200 2 times, once during week 2 and once during the 4th one (a coach advise, i would not have done it otherwise)
During the last 2 weeks i took 1200iu of hcg every monday.

I started PCT 2 weeks after the last test injection:
-Clomid 50mg/day for 3 weeks
-Nolvadex 20mg/day for 25 days
(and 4000 iu of d3 daily)

I started having libido problems 2 or 3 days after i started the pct. During the pct it got a bit better but not by much.
Now it’s been 1 week since i finished the pct and i still have low sex drive. I can get an erection but much harder than before starting or during cycle.

I gained 12kg and lost 3 by now, strength is still there.

Nobody wants to talk or admit anything about this in real life so i decided to ask here. Is it something in my brain and i just need some time until everything will be fine again (if so, how long would it take)? I know that proviron is used for low libido but i don’t want to take anything unless it’s truly necessary.

Thank you!

Don’t take proviron or any drugs. Hopefully, your body is just trying to bounce back which can take several months. The flip side of that, and not to scare you, but deca dick is a very real risk with deca use. Hopefully it’s the first answer. I usually get horny as hell while on PCT, and then it dies down for a month or so, then slowly creeps back. Then again, my libido off cycle has never been super high.

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Hi, thank you for the reply. I ordered some Boron, Maca powder and spirulina but the guy i bought the gear from told me to take 0.25mg of caber every monday and thursday for 5 weeks. What do you think? He said that caber won’t affect me negatively if the prolactin isn’t high.

Jeezus Christ, absolutely do not take a single bit of advice from that guy. Do not take anything. Let your body find homeostasis and come back to its normal levels. Did you run pre lab blood work?

Even running deca on your first cycle was a bit reckless and risky. Now you don’t know whether your low libido is caused by typical PCT woes, or if the deca is making things worse. Sounds like you CAN get an erection though, which is a good sign.

Give yourself TIME to recover. Don’t throw more drugs at something that is very normal, and potentially worsen the situation.

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I did blood work 2 months before starting the cycle and there were no problems. I guess that i will just wait. I wasn’t ok with the idea of taking caber but that guy has the only website that sells original gear in my country and that made me think twice.

Once again, people fail to understand how the half life of a drug works. Deca has upwards of a 12 day half life, therefore it will take approximately ~60 days for the body to clear it out. This is calculated by 5 half live cycles for a given drug. You need to keep that in mind when finishing a cycle. In your case you still have Nandrolone and its metabolites still leaving your body. In other words, you started PCT too soon and finished too soon. Also, you took way too high doses of the SERMS. Clomid, IMO belongs in the trash because it makes men feel like garbage and can itself cause gyno, fat gain, etc. At this point, just wait it out because you already have the SERMs still in your body due to their long half lives.
Do NOT take proviron. You must wait to allow all these drugs/metabolites time to clear before you can return to homeostasis. Proviron will just continue suppressing your HPTA.


Well there you go. Next time you should satisfy your curiosity by reading more. Also your coach is retarded and shouldn’t be listened to ever again. Tell him I said that.


What exactly is wrong with that? Doesn’t deca need 4 weeks to clear?

Sounds like you have done a pretty basic protocol. Some guys will wait 3 weeks after last shot to start pct. Ultimately it’s my opinion that a young man shouldn’t take AAS until he’s prepared to go on trt permanently if the pct goes bad. That said, you’ll probably be fine. You’re young and fit. Be patient. Hopefully you’ll see improvements soon. In the mean time stop taking any drugs that effect your hormones.

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Here’s what it looks like after eight weeks on, four weeks off.

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I told you in my previous post. At least 8.5 weeks to clear.

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At this point it’s better to do bloodwork, make sure progesterone and prolactin levels are included.

Not true at all, literature demonstrates a half life typically between 6-10 days, typically closer to 8-9

One study indicated the HL for certain individuals could be as high as 12 days… but nah,

Nandrolone decanoate stays in the body a long time, especially at the doses that people typically use it ie 200+mg weekly. It is wise to err on the side of caution and expect it to take longer, rather than shorter given the half-life estimation that is found in the literature.

“It was concluded that after a single im dose of nandrolone
decanoate, serum levels of nandrolone increase in a linear
fashion across a dose range of 50–150 mg (the dose range that
is also used to treat HIV wasting). In addition, in the 50-mg
group, urinary metabolites 19-NA and/or 19-NE were detectable in 16 of 17 subjects for at least 33 d after injection. In
the 150-mg group, in subjects presumed to have not previously used nandrolone, nandrolone metabolites were detectable for up to 6 months after injection in a significant proportion of subjects.”

This isn’t nandrolone thats being detected, it’s residual trace metabolites… there’s a difference between the drug actually eliciting a pharmacological action and still being detected. It’s like cannabis, residual metabolites are detectable in urine for up to a month post use within frequent users, up to a week for once off occasions… Do you think I’m still high a week after I smoke a joint?

Nandrolone is particularly more lipid/fat soluble comparative to other AAS, hence it’s long detection time.

Deca (HL 6 days)

Deca (HL dose dependently between 7-11 days)

Nowhere does it state the HL is 12+ days


@unreal24278 I hope you make use of your knowledge and interest in medicine and go to school/university to become an MD. Make use of your talent and passion!

Deferred a year… but I’ve been accepted and enrolled into biomedicine… so perhaps that’s a start?



Yes. I did not say the Nandrolone itself stays active for 6 months. My point was that the metabolites linger a long time. It is wise to expect the Nandrolone to take up to a 12 day half life. Or not, the choice is up the user of the drug.

I don’t know how that goes in your country but I’d advice you to start with the course of studies you want to actually major in. Medicine takes long enough, life perspectives change as you get older and then you decide “fuck it, I’m not wasting 10 more years on a medicine degree, I’ll work right now”. And that’s that.
If you want to study medicine, you’ll get in even if it takes a few steps to get accepted but it’s better than to do something else with less enthusiasm. I know a lot of people who are a lot less intelligent and a lot less interested that you who got in with effort (they are gonna be the doctor of someone on day pfffff).

I studied pharmacy which is in the same category as medicine in my country and even with that I can’t be a pharmacologist (which was my original plan, should have maybe checked that better but as a 18 yo the university is difficult enough to understand) because I had to study medicine for that, luckily my plans have changed and I’m gonna be were I want to be.

So go for medicine, even if it takes a bit of effort. In your case I’d speculate it’s worth it.