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22 Years Old, 160 lb

I started out at 103 last septemeber, now im 160. I have been working with Shelby Starnes ever since I got out of the hopsital. What ya think?
I eat about 3000-3500 calories a day and train 4 days a weeks

I was expecting something much different for 160lbs.

Damn man, nice work.

something much different? haha like what?

[quote]standstrong wrote:
I started out at 103 last septemeber, now im 160. [/quote]

you gotta mean 130?

no sorry, its 160, sorry to dissapoint, I know most 160 guys are much bigger, but this was a milestone for me, here are a couple more for the heck of it.

another one

[quote]standstrong wrote:
something much different? haha like what?[/quote]

I was expecting it to be some guy who’s 6’1" with almost no muscle asking how “hawt” his abs looked for summer.

That’s what most of the 160lbers around here look like.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I think he meant you started off at “130lbs” and you did a typo of “103lbs”?

haha thanks bro

[quote]Fuzzyapple wrote:
I think he meant you started off at “130lbs” and you did a typo of “103lbs”?[/quote]

no i was 103
last one

here is a pic for proof when I was 103 when I first started…damn this is VERY embaressing. Please keep in mind, that I was very ill and was in the hospital for 3 weeks and lost 30 pounds and ended up leaving the hospital with a pacemaker

pretty good… but how tall are you?

i weigh the same at 5’6

but i dont look like that (11% BF)

good stuff

now if i could only figure out where my lats are hiding…

[quote]aznt0rk wrote:
pretty good… but how tall are you?[/quote]

I am 5’6"

God damn dude, this is extremely impressive. It really makes me want to go to the gym right now. And when he said he was expecting something else for 160, that meant someone smaller. Most people who are 160 are usually skinny as hell and think they have muscle. This is amazing progress for less than a year man. Keep up the good work, you have mad potential.

Oh and besides the praise, work on your chest. Legs look a tad behind everything else. You dont have much of a shot of your chest or delts but everything else looks great.

I agree on my chest, I believe EVERYTHING needs a lot of work. I am never satified, although I am happy with my progress but not satified. this is the last picture, I promise

Excellent work.

Does the pacemaker affect anything training wise ?

For example, heavy deads/squats ?

I just have to say this may be one of the cleanest bulks I’ve seen. Have you done a cut, or was this pure and simple a clean bulk? If so really nice job.

This was all on a bulk. Since I lost of that weight, my body was starving for muscle, so I pounded down the food. It was VERY hard to eat 3500 calories at 103lbs.

But having the pacemaker does have some things I cant do. I can not touch my chest in incline bench press, I dont do any less than 6-8 reps on dead and squats just because I dont want to hurt myself and end back in the hospital and out for another 2 months.

Thanks guys…a 6.1!! is all I get?! Nah, just kidding