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22 Years of Training Later, Type 2 Makes Perfect Sense

I laughed all the way through your descriptions of the motivational factors of type 2. It fits me perfectly, all the way down to the mind games I play with myself. I have been a follower of yours for several years, but I had to create a login to thank you for your well-researched game plans for each Neurotype.
FYI I’m a 40-year old physique/figure competitor x1 NANBF/IPE. I lift for mental health—apparently to regulate norepinephrine and GABA lol.
Reading about marathon dieting…although it’s recommended for type 2s, I find my opioid receptors get in my way with some mad cheat cravings. What strategy do you recommend to circumvent the binging? Can it be prevented? I would prefer a slower approach but I fall off the wagon too often. Last go-around I cut too drastically too soon (started in Jan for a July show) and responded quickly but was short on protein and always craved whatever macro I was short on.

Actually there are several type 2s (my system has been update significantly since the original article). The two main types 2A and 2B even have 2 subtypes (2A Actor / 2A Passionate; 2B Artist/2B confident). I’d need to know which ones you are because some respond better to different diets than others.

Which part of the type 2 resonate the most with you. Tell me a bit about yourself, your motivation, etc.

With the update, are there now multiple Type 3 sub categories as well? I would like to see where I fit in with my test result. Thanks.

As a child I was obedient, low risk-taker, people-pleaser, empathic, quick cognitive processing, information nerd. Enjoyed creating, learning and tinkering by myself, listening to music, etc. Teacher’s pet/mature for age. I was too intimidated to play team sports but friendly to everyone and well-liked.
As an adult I need quiet time and rest, still low risk-taking and empathic but with stronger boundaries. A few awesome close friends. Very introspective and self-aware. Prone to seasonal depression. I live for my family and taking care of myself.

I love to lift for the sense of confidence and well-being. I love to feel strong and admired. After the gym I feel like I can handle my day and my energy is the best.
I lift 6 days a week. 3 on, 1 off. It’s generally a good balance unless sick/unusually stressed/lost sleep.
I get easily psyched out with challenges like your type 2 description. I subconsciously fear fatigue. I need to feel the pump. Poor workouts are the worst. I like variety and sticking to the same program for over a week is painful. I usually just pick my favorite strong lifts and best Isolation exercises/pumps and do those until I’m high on life. I love opposite muscle group supersets or giant sets.
Thanks for the response. It’s a thrill to interact with someone I admire so much.