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22 Year Old Male, Progress Pics


Been training 4-5 years.
Was always athletic and into sports.
Used mostly a 5 day body part split before adding in a second lower body day for 6 days a week total.
Current weight is 83kg




another shot


more pics


You look great, with one glaring weakness–your chest. Judging by your physique, I’d wager you rely predominantly on pressing movements for your pec work (esp upper pecs), and that your delts totally take over every movement. To get around this tendency, consider swapping out some of your ‘push’ pec movements for ‘pull’ pec movements (eg, flies; pec deck; cable crossovers) and see if you can coax your chest into growing that way. Best of luck.


Thanks heaps Eye Dentist. Chest has always lagged behind. Wow thats pretty damn accurate haha. Thanks for the advice, ill give a go.


I’m in a similar boat with regards to chest. Squeezing and pulling motions tear my shoulder to shreds unless I am incredibly careful, so I tended to neglect the entire motion.

Lots of multidirectional shoulder strengthening has been a boon, and really helped me get those motions a lot more comfortable.

In case you happen to be in a similar boat there as well!


I’ve never really had trouble with chest flye variations, except when my elbow was inflamed. As Eye dentist suggested, it may even help me to focus more on flye movements for a while.