22 Y/O Wants to Get Stronger, Which Program?

hello,coach. It would be helpful for me to have your advice on some matter. I’m just an average 22 year old student who likes training. if my goal is to become stronger overall,say I want strength,power and speed,I want to be better conditioned, which of your training program would be more suitable?

my wish is to improve every side of physical capacity, if that’s not a foolish thing to desire,i’d like your advice here. I’m following your program for natural lifters for last few weeks. and it’s really amazing. would it be any extra help if I do a neural charge session first then start lifting weights? not few hours later but in same workout? thanks in advance coach

Not CT but

  1. Athlete Lean Athlete Strong
  2. Zombie Apocalypse Workout
    Come to mind

that’s a good suggestion, thanks man