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22 Y/O Very Low T

Hey Guys first time posting here.
First off I have read the stickies relating to low T. I have been feeling always lethargic, unmotivated, low libido ect. I have been to a couple of doctors multiple times and have gotten blood drawn twice to confirm test results as the GP thought they were wrong initially but both results came back very similar. Im in Melbourne, Australia and TRT here is hard to get access to according to GP’s and only prescribed to people who really “need” it. I do feel like i need it but if there are any other people out there who have similar T levels to what I have and how the combated the issue. A bit of background info : 5’9 , 165lbs. Have been training for 3-4 years and diet is pretty decent IMO (180P, 320C, 70F). But i do find it very hard to put on muscle compared to other training partners I have had in the past. If I do end up getting prescribed TRT at such a young age what is the likelihood of still being able to have kids in the future? I would be looking to have kids in the next 8 years or so but knowing I would have been using TRT for 8 years prior to having kids (if I do get it prescribed) I know using hCG stops testicular atrophy but it would mean I would need to use hCG for 8 years leading up to having kids. Would that lead to desensitized LH and FSH receptors and therefore rendering the hCG less effective in years to come. This is all new to me and the doctors I have seen have all been very vague on the topic. That is why I have turned to this forum for more open opinions. I have attached a picture of my latest T results.
Thanks in advance for the replies.

Your test is very low as well as your shbg. I would freeze sperm just in case if I were in your situation. You could at least attempt Clomid monotherapy or Nolvadex monotherapy. Whatever you can get there. You may not necessarily need trt just yet. Exhaust all options before you take the plunge. I just started three weeks ago but I have all my kids. Vasectomy complete. I’m 36 and have no regrets.

TRT will be a challenge with SHBG that low, usually guy with SHBG below 15 nmol/L will struggle with TRT. SHBG activates and regulates sex hormones and you have very little, this is why it’s difficult to put on muscle. Some guys just have genetically low SHBG. A thyroid problem would lower SHBG so you might want to request a thyroid panel, fixing a thyroid issue would raise SHBG.

Do you have LH or FSH tested? It’s possible to use HCG monotherapy that would increase LH therefore increasing testosterone. Reason I suggest this is TRT will lower your already low SHBG, therefore feeling nothing from TRT.

A year ago my T was 7.8 nmol/L and felt like death was knocking at my door at only 44 years old, I felt like a 90 year old man.

If all else fails give this a look --> Google Sermorelin treatment.

I haven’t had LH and FSH tested, just over feeling so tired all the time and unmotivated to do anything. If I am able to get LH and FSH tested ill post results.

Anyone else have any experience with this who could shed some light?

You need more labs for anyone to be able to comment on your situation. If LH was high and T is low that would mean testicles are damaged (no kids), if LH was low it would be secondary hypogonadism and kids might be possible.

What benefits you get from Clomid sexually apart from the sperm thing? Also i want to use Nolvadex for monotheraphy but they say it is risky, will it shut my testesterone or LH and FSH after the usage? I just want to raise my natural Testesterone baseline for sexual health purposes… Is it risky? Im 20 year old.

I would say no that it’s not risky but any time we manipulate our hormones we are taking inherent risks. I’ve never taken clomid monotherapy. I wish I would have tried it but it ended up not being an option.

Not sure if you have root causes. But I would do novaldex instead of clomid. It will not shut you down. The medicine stops your pituitary from seeing estradiol and keeps putting out LH.

LH tells testes to produce testosterone.

I don’t know about long term treatment.

If you truly have low t you need a complete work up to determine why.

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Thanks for the info, can you please read and leave a comment to this thread of mine? (Also you say Nolva is safer than Clomid? Thanks for this.)

He could take Clomid @Systemlord, apparently Clomid is only i think can think which RAPIDLY & dramatically increases SHBG, even the late Dr.John Crisler does say Clomid increases the SHBG levels quite fast. He could take lots of clomid 50mg daily with Low dose A.I. If it gets his SHBG to 35 or 40 be fine then, he can drop Clomid, and Inject twice weekly. What you think about that? you can HACK your SHBG with clomid. I haven’t touched the stuff as my SHBG is okay, but i know it’s proven without shadow of doubt to rapidly increase SHBG over other things.