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22 Y/O Need Some Guidance 6'4" 235


Hey guys, 22 YO college student here. I was hoping to get some guidance on my physique. I’ve been lifting for about 4 years for fun but only recently started to progress and track lifts and gains this last 8 months. I’m 6’4 235lb on a greyskull LP type program listed below:

Workout A: Bench 3x5
Rows 3x5
Hip thrust 3x5

Workout B: OHP 3x5
DL 1xMax
Chins 2xMax

I rotate those 2 workouts MWF weekly.

I have patellar tendinitis in my knee that’s been holding me back from squatting, so I do hip strengthening exercises instead on squat days.

My 1RM are

Bench 215
Press 140
DL 260
Squat ?
Hip thrust 345

I have no estimate of my body fat but I know it’s fairly high. I feel like I don’t have a very big base of muscle but I would like to know opinions on if I should keep bulking into oblivion or try to cut down to a sub 15% body fat and then reassess, as well as if anyone has any estimates on what they think my body fat is. Pictures below thanks in advance!


You are around 18-19%.Cut to around 10-12% and then go on a lean bulk.Was the Patellar tendinitis diagnosed by medical professional? If yes,what are you doing to fix it?


Yes diagnosed by my NP and confirmed by the residing M.D. Currently cycling steroid packs once every 3 weeks as well as hip strengthening, hip flexor stretching and spinal posture exercises every morning, and eccentric body weight squats on a slant board 3x per week. I also find that body fat number hard to believe because at 10% that would put me at roughly 215. Which would put my FFMI ridiculously high to only have been lifting for less than a year seriously. That’s why I figure I must be a good bit fatter than I look.


You gain the most muscle in the first few months of proper training so don’t worry about how much muscle you have.Just go on a calorific deficit of 300-500 calories(not more) and try to keep adding weight to the bar until you can see your abs in good lighting and then start a lean bulk.For your knee pain give this article a read


You’re closer to 30% bf. it’s just an number that means nothing anyways. How many calories are you eating? How long have you been eating that way?


About 3000 per day. 180g protein 80g fat and fill the rest with either carbs or extra fats until I hit my calories.


That’s nearly 400C. How long have you been eating this way?


The carbs rarely ever go over 300, I usually have a little more protein than 180 and a little more fat than 80, I just aim to hit those numbers earlier in the day. And for about 6 months.