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22 Y/O Coming Off TRT After 4 Months. Advice?

I began TRT 4 months ago. I also began T3 meds for my thyroid a few weeks ago and have noticed much more improvement on the thyroid meds than I ever did on the TRT. For a variety of reasons (mainly extreme hair and eyebrow loss), I am probably going to be discontinuing TRT in the next few weeks. I feel like my thyroid and adrenals are causing the majority of my problems and that continuing to focus on those could potentially help me avoid going on TRT for life. A few questions before I restart:

  1. Any recommended restart protocols? I’m assuming a good protocol will probably include Nolva, Clomid, and HCG. My doc is more than willing to prescribe whatever I request. I just want to make sure I choose an optimal restart protocol.

  2. Having been on for only 4 months, is it likely that I should be able to restart successfully back to my old levels?

Am curious as to what your thyroid labs were before the medicine. Can you tell us? Tsh, ft3 ft4. Thx

It really depends on how low you were originally, fixing your thyroid will usually increase SHBG and may bump T up a little, but usually nothing drastically. When your SHBG rises you hold on to your T better and this usually provides a small increase and that increase is balanced between TT and FT.

This is why your original pre-TRT labs are important, but in reality if you were low enough for a doctor to give you TRT than you were low enough to benefit from treatment and your correctly treated thyroid may have only yielded a small increase.

Guys who are muscular typically need higher T numbers to feed those muscles. I’m a skinny guy with some muscle so I imagine I was never in the high normal ranges, I have less muscles to feed.

Note restarts are rarely successful and only a select few are lucky, I imagine it depends on the reason you are low in the first place.

Share your labs including ranges.

First blood test from back in July 2016 when I discovered I was hypothyroid.

Bloodwork back in March 2017 after being on Naturethroid 97.5 mg for several months.

Bloodwork after beginning TRT

My thyroid values have remained bad even after beginning being on naturethroid for a long time (high RT3, mediocre FT3, mediocre TSH). After seeing multiple naturopathic doctors, western doctors, and endocrinologists, the only unanimous conclusion I could reach with all of them was that my adrenal system was definitely fatigued based off my salivary cortisol tests. This explained why my Naturethroid wasn’t fixing my hypothyroidism. My body was unable to convert T4 to T3 efficiently due to low cortisol.

I began TRT with a knowledgeable doc in my area. It has significantly improved my muscle mass, my mood, and my anxiety. My sleep has remained bad, however. My libido rose substantially at first, and has recently dropped back to pre-trt libido. My energy is still meh. On top of all that, my hair and eyebrows are rapidly falling out. I recently discovered the book “Recovering with T3” by Paul Robinson as well as his blog/website. I’ve switched to T3 only treatment and am feeling MUCH better. My temperatures are higher than they’ve been in years. My anxiety feels exponentially better. My digestion has improved. My sleep seems to have slightly improved.

Beginning T3 only treatment has opened my eyes and made me realize my thyroid was much worse off than I thought and that I never should have begun TRT. There’s no guarantee T3 will fix my low testosterone and all my issues, but thus far I’m experiencing rapid improvement on a daily basis and would like to remove TRT for the time being and hopefully halt my hair loss.

My total test has always been falsely elevated due to high SHBG levels. My free testosterone was why I started TRT. My free testosterone levels on my last blood test were 10 (scale: 9-26).

I’m just desperate to save my damn hair and eyebrows which have been falling out rapidly since beginning TRT.

Often months after beginning thyroid treatment SHBG is expected to rise and if you had high SHBG before then it will only become higher once you stop TRT. Say goodbye to your FT levels. What good is hair if you feel like pure crap? I’ve little hair thinning on the right side of my head around my ears in the last few months, that’s nothing compared to the feeling that you are dying, horrible fatigue and low quality of life not to mention the mortality rate of low T guys and the disease associated with low T.

Your hair loss could be do to hypo or hyperthyroid, are you sure your thyroid levels haven’t gone out of range? TRT doesn’t typically cause eye brows to fall out, that’s thyroid related.

Bump. I have an appointment with my doctor one week from now. He’s very willing to prescribe me whatever I request for the restart. From the reading I’ve done, I’ll need a combo of HCG (which I’m already taking) along with clomid and nolva. I just don’t fully understand how long/how much of each drug. Any tips? Please no more posts trying to convince me to stay on TRT. I’m coming off. If I choose to go back on in the future, my doctor will be more than happy to accommodate the switch back.

Restart protocol is in the sticky.

@dabah2014 Are you still around, your whole story is IDENTICAL to mine (going through your previous posts) and i’d love to know how you’re doing now/what protocol you’re on if any.