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22 Y/O Almost 120kg...Am I Fat?

IMG_20191010_212649 (no flex)

Yes, you are.

Fat seems like an understatement, I would say obese.

Bmi would put you at obese.

But, you have a shit ton of muscle under some fat. Is this a troll? Or do you just need an excuse to flex?

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You also look short, i hate short people.



The problem is everyone over 5 foot 5 has pituitary tumours inducing excess GH production

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Not fat, just massive.

You aren’t ripped/shredded by bodybuilding standards, however you’re still quite a bit leaner than the average joe who sits at 20-25% BF

I think it’s this one. All his posts are either asking about drugs or asking people to rate his body

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His legs are amazing though

No doubt he has an incredible physique. But alas, a fat one.

Nah, you can see his abdominals, he is less lean than I am (albeit far bigger), but I wouldn’t say fat. Looks like the bearmode pics

To me, fat is like 22%BF +, normal is in the 17-22 % bf range, 13-17 I’d consider athletic, 10-12 to be lean (like beach body stereotype lean) below is shredded… that’s just how I see it though

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It was a joke man. Just Incase it’s an ego issue, didn’t want to feed the beast :joy:

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:smile: I’m 180cm and I’m powerliftet…Thanks for the replies.

No I wouldn’t call you fat but now may be a good time to cut. If you do please post the “after” pics.

Please, guess my BF…

Post a back photo, both flexed and un-flexed.

Dude, you’re massive. A fuckton of muscle on that frame. You have a good amount of fat around it, but you’re just enormous regardless. A proper cut would have some incredible results. 20-30 lbs of fat loss and you’d look amazing.

I’ll dissent here - I consider “fat” to mean flabby, or at the very least carrying more fat than you are (think Donnie Thompson), so I would say, you are just a large guy all around, with a lot of muscle and a decent amount of fat, but I would absolutely not call you fat if I saw you walking around in a t shirt. ‘Big as shit’ would be the only description that would come to mind.

Still, if you do that cut and lose that 20-30 (maybe 40+, it’s amazing how much extra weight people can carry) pounds, you won’t even have to ask that question.

260lbs at <6’ tall! Massive bro. I agree you just look thick as hell not fat but obviously carrying around enough you could cut if you wanted.

Swing past my log. I weigh about the same and I’m 173 cm. Then you’ll see what fat is.

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I wouldn’t say you are fat but you could benefit from leaning out IMO.

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