22 Y/O, 9 Months on TRT

Hello everyone, I am going post my background and the last paragraph or two will contain my questions.

I am 22 years old, 6’5" and 255 pounds. Most of my weight is from muscle with some fat around the midsection and lower back. My body fat has decreased some since starting TRT, but I still carry the most fat in those two places. I have decently hair legs with medium hair on my chest and stomach, and almost no hair on my shoulders and back. I have a mostly full beard except for hair around the goatee.

I was originally put on TRT because I was dealing with bad depression, nonexistent libido, ED, loss of muscle mass (despite being a division 1 offensive linemen), increased fat, mood swings, brain fog, hot flashes, passive nature, and a few other, more minor symptoms I can not remember at this moment.

Before seeing my endo i was receiving TT levels between 180-220. My baseline test results were:
Free T: 1.60 Range: 1.68-7.46ng/mL Low
Prolactin: 6.3 Range: 2.6-13.1ng/mL
LH: 0.7 Range: 1.2-8.6mIU/mL Low
FSH: 4.8 Range: 1.3-19.3mIU/mL
Psa: 0.42 Range: 0.00-4.00ng/mL
VitD 25: 21.9 Range: 30-100ng/mL Low
TSH: 2.44 Range: 0.49-4.67
Free T4: 1.00 Range: 0.61-1.60
Free T3: 3.66 Range: 2.50-3.90

I am currently on 120mg/week of Test cyp split between two doses and 50,000units/biweekly of Vitamin D. My last lab results at the end of August had me at:
Free T: 5.76 Range: 1.68-7.46ng/mL
Vit D: 43.3 Range: 30-100ng/mL

I try to eat as healthy as possible, only eating whole grains, high protein, healthy fats, and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. While staying away from sugars and junk food. I exercise 4-5 days a week for 1-2.5 hours a day. My testes very rarely ache, maybe one day every month or couple of months. Morning wood and nocturnal erections were frequent and consistent the first 2 months of TRT, but have since been reduced drastically.

Now on to my current issues. When I first started TRT all of my symptoms disappeared. I felt amazing, out going, confident, full of energy, high sex drive like I used to have, I had motivation to do things, desire to work out again, no ED, hard erections, frequent morning wood, clear mind, and I felt like I was on cloud nine. After the first two months my libido dipped down, i felt less motivation, too low of aggression, less energy, almost non existent morning wood, and I felt like I needed to sleep 11 hours and still be tired. After splitting my dose to twice a week, I felt some relief of the symptoms but lately they have gotten only worse.

Currently I have almost no interest in sex unless a woman attempts to turn me on. I have not experienced ED during sex, although my erections are noticeably weaker and smaller during sex and masturbation. I also have less energy and motivation, especially in the gym. I feel fatigued often, and I still feel tired even after 9-12 hours of sleep. I am lucky if I have a random erection through out the day or if I wake up with morning wood. I realize through reading some threads that I need to have my E2 checked during my next bloodwork.

So my questions are do I need to start using HCG at my age if I plan on having kids in the distant future (around 26-30 y/o)? Based on the information I gave how likely is it that E2 is the cause of my problems? Is there anything else that I should be monitoring that might cause my issues? During those first two months of TRT I felt like myself for the first time in years, I just want to return to feeling that way.

If you are concerned about fertility yes def consider HCG.

You need updated labs.

Did you ever try to determine cause of low t? As this is rare for a guy this young. MRI pituitary. Testicular ultrasound.

Thorough labs to check adrenal functions ,metabolics, lipids , iron etc

You may need trt for life but you need to make sure you don’t have underlining disease causing it.

Good to check e2 with sensitive estradiol test. If it’s high and free t is good you may need to lower dose.

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I am due for updated labs mid November. I had an MRI on my pituitary and a testicular ultrasound and both came back showing nothing wrong.

I had two doctors test adrenal functions and iron before I was able to get a referral to me endocrinologist. I am not sure about lipids but everything always came back fine except testosterone, LH, and vitamin D were low every time.

Of the three doctors I have seen the best explanation is that stress or something else may have caused my pituitary gland to become “lazy”.

I am aware that I may need to be on trt for life, that is why I decided to look through this website for information and advice, and why I have started to become concerned about my fertility in the future.

I will make sure to request e2 be checked during my next blood work and talk to my endocrinologist about starting on HCG.

You can also consider clomid or novaldex instead of testosterone. You can try to see if your pituitary will wake up.

Now if clomid or novaldex don’t increase testosterone and LH / FSH go up you know you are primary hypogonadism. Meaning testes are just not producing even though they are getting the LH signal.

If LH / FSH don’t respond than it’s the pituitary or secondary hypogonadism.

Keep us posted. And clomid/novaldex will surely keep you fertile.

Younger guys have a better chance of that medication working since they have young balls that can produce.

I will definitely look into clomid and novaldex. I’m assuming I should be able to find all the information I need on T Nation? Thank you very much for the advice. I will keep you all posted on what I decide to do and how everything goes.

Take 15 minutes and read these. :+1:t2:

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I see. I think you should still add a thread on the about category with just the 4 I had and the 3 you found. I like them all.

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I’ve given my opinion and will leave the rest to you as you see fit.

Once estrogen gets out of hand you can expect soft lifeless erections and no libido. SHBG should dictate injection frequency, if lower you will have a lot of free E2.

Estrogen is the most overlooked hormone by endocrinologist.

Any update


Finally got the results back from my blood tests and my estradiol was 51.4 pg/mL on a scale of 0-31.5 pg/mL. So my doctor recently prescribed me Letrozole at a dose of 25 mg per day in pill form.

Additionally, I in order to try to figure out my high blood pressure, I asked my endocrinologist to refer me to a sleep study center. The results from the sleep study were that I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and I will starting CPAP therapy within the next week.

I HOPE he didn’t tell you to take 25 mg a day. Letrozole usually comes in 2.5mg doses.

If you follow those instructions, you are going to feel 20x worse very shortly.

  1. Try natural methods, lemon water, zinc
  2. Lose weight
  3. DIM, CDG…some others.
  4. Lower dose slightly

Last resort would be the use of another drug to deal with the side effects from the first drug.

well im also young ( in my twenties) and you saw my labs ;/ it seems young people are getting into the trt train each year

What’s your protocol?

And what about your total t and free t?