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22 Y/O, 8 Years of Serious Training


Here's a picture I took earlier today. Any comments/critiques would be greatly appreciated!



Another front shot.


Here's one more for now. I'll add a back and legs pic either tomorrow or the next day.




Pretty damn good build if you ask me.


Thanks man! Here's a back shot. Left side is current and right is around 6 months ago. I've incorporated more pullups and less pulldowns between the pictures and I feel that I may have lost some width. Comments are appreciated.



It looks like you lost some width, but you gained a crapload of thickness, so it was a fair trade!


Hot as F**K and you know it dude. Thanks for the pics and the inspiration




Thanks for the feedback! I am realizing now that my loss of width is more likely due to the fact that I have been performing straight arm pushdowns less often as of late. I have always loved this movement for direct lat work (great width builder from my experiences), but it seemed to be wearing on my shoulder joints. I think I'll reintroduce some light pushdown work tomorrow when I train back. Thanks again guys! It's always nice to get some extra motivation from people with similar interests and goals.



I actually dont think you loss width. I think you lost the illusion of width since you added so much back thickness. Looking good man


Haha let's hope so! Thanks a lot!



Well on your way! Like usmccds423 said,



Thanks! I'll upload a picture of the legs on here one of these days. I will warn that I have been dealing with a serious case of trochanteric bursitis for about a year now and have not trained legs at all in nearly 6 months. Actually while I'm on the subject, if anyone has experienced this problem I would really appreciate any advice.



Very good build for the upper body

How are you training ? BB style ?


Thanks Root! Yea man, I'm definitely into the whole bodybuilding thing. On a five day split right now with no leg training due to injury. I'll usually walk into the gym with a plan as far as which exercises I will be including based on my current goals. I'll do a couple warm up sets for each exercise progressively increasing weight and decreasing repetitions. I'll eventually hit one heavy, low rep set before dropping weight and performing several additional sets to failure (essentially a giant drop set with rest periods). I feel that by doing this, I am training all muscle groups through various weight and rep ranges.



I gave myself a mild case of this doing very wide stance squats very heavy twice a week for a long time. Do soft tissue work on your IT band. It will hurt, but roll it out good a couple times a week on something hard like a metal tube or pvc pipe. When that thing gets tight in crushes lots of stuff beneath it including that bursa in between it and the greater(?) tronchanter.

I also did alot of hamstring mobilizing work and rolled my tensor fascia latae on a solid ball at that time. This wasnt directly for the bursitus but I can't say it didnt help either.

The longer and heavier you are lifting random things like this will manifest, and its kind of a learning experience to identify and fix the underlying cause. More often than not something isnt moving as it should, and soft tissue work becomes routine maintenance.


I wonder if this is worse in some than others. I don't do any soft tissue work and have never had an issue.

But nice work OP keep it up bro!