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22 y/o 260mg Test P Log

40mg Test P ED
250-500 IU HCG EOD
Aromasin: as needed (I convert HEAVYYY into Estrogen, end especially because of my prior use of finasteride I believe in some tissues I ahve abnormally low DHT:E2 ratio

Currently 4 weeks in. Weight it up to ~181 lbs from 170

Feb 17


March 13

Not counting macros or calories but Im eating chcken and rice ~3x a day, in a slight surplus with a huge pre and post workout carb meal.

I’ve been battling with ED and puffy nips the last few weeks. I convert so much estradiol in certain tissues, it’s very annoying. I starting using topical Aromasin lately and I think it’s helping with the ED but the nips are more resistant

I notice a huge spike in libido when I don’t use oral ais which I actually welcome greatly. At a dose which keeps the puffy nips at bay I have basically no libido, no urge to go out, no urge to talk to girls etc

Why not try a SERM for the nipple issues instead of an AI?

I’ve tried it all. I have litterally everything aside from letro on hand

nolva and ralox work great but i have to take it 2x a day which gets tedious. plus on raxol my prostate swells up. Aromasin has been the best so far so stable levels, I take 5mg ED. At least I used to. Im jsut trying out the topical route for the past few days

Oh forgot to mention, they do little for the ED

How many cycles have you done? How tall are you?

I’ve done 1 other 5 week cycle a couple moths ago. I made a lot of mistakes chasing flat nipples in that one. Had crashed E for most of it so I only grew for like the first 4 weeks.

This one is already much better

I’m 5’10

Post a pic of your puffy nipples

great my gyms closed till the end of march

hopefully i dont lose all my gain now

How many bathrooms do you have? I like the faucet in the first pic.