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22 y/o, 165 pounds, 5'9''


I’ve been training for 2 months now. I’m decently happy with progress but I’m looking for feedback on where I can improve and a bodyfat percentage estimation. I’m relatively lean all over except this tiny bit at the bottom of my stomach pushes out. Currently I’m training 5 times a week and I’m eating 3700 calories a day, my diet looks like this:

5.30am 30g Oats + 1 Large Banana + 1 Scoop of Weight Gainer + Bcaa’s
8am Straight after the Gym - 3 Scoops of Weight Gainer + Bcaa + Creatine + 500ml of Full Fat Milk
10.15am 3 Eggs Scrambled + 2 Slices of Wholegrain Toast + 50g Cashew Nuts
1pm 270g Sweet Potato/Wholegrain Rice + 200g Chicken/Lean Mince + Medley of Green Veg
4pm Protein Bar
7pm 270g Sweet Potato/Rice/Wholegrain Pasta + 250g Steak/Chicken + Green Veg


What are your current lifts?


So, you’ve put in about 40 gym sessions. Good work, but you’ll really need to put in 4,000 sessions.

Start a log, we’ll all follow along. Then in a 8-12 months reassess to make sure you’re growing proportionally. Right now, you haven’t made enough changes to give any helpful information.


Thanks, I definitely will. Would you see anything in my diet I should change?


Bench Press - 80kg for 5
Back Squat - 90kg for 5
Deadlift - 110kg for 5


What’s your goal? How long have you consistently maintained this nutritional plan? How has your weight responded to the nutritional plan? I’m normally not a fan of weight gainers, but if that’s what you need to get calories, that’s fine.

Your food choices look solid.


I’m up about 9 pounds in 8 weeks. I started losing weight about 5 weeks in - I don’t know if my body was adjusting to the increase in calories. Since then I’ve incorporated the additional scoop in the morning and a protein bar at 4pm. I’ve definitely gained some fat but I’d estimate I’m hanging around 15/16% BF

Goal is Lean Muscle Lass/Upper Body Strength as I’m training for Cricket (Batting). If you don’t know what it is, it’s a game that similar to baseball


You might remove that extra scoop. The weight increase is slightly too much. I’d aim for .5lb a week. maybe drop the calories from 3,700 to 3,500 and see how that goes for 4 weeks. Regardless, seems like you’re on the right track.


What program you on? From 5 days a week presume some kind of split?


This x2. Extra interested cause you’re of the exact stats as me height/weight wise.