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22 Y/O, 108kg. What is My Weakness?

Almost 7 years of training, currently 108kg…IMG_20190501_170843 IMG_20190501_170907 IMG_20190501_170934 IMG_20190501_170815

What do you think is my weakness?

quads are really overpowering hamstrings. I’d DEFINITELY work harder on those. And I think your arms are overpowering your shoulders.

Your back shot isn’t the best photo, I can’t really tell if it’s bad posing or a real issue. It looks kinda fine to me, although there’s never any problem with developing a better back, lol.

To me, your chest stood out as a lagging part as soon as I opened this thread. It’s hard to say for sure because all your photos are looking up at you, so proportions are thrown off. The higher you go on your body, the smaller you look in these pictures because of perspective.

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Generally look very solid.

Goals/look you’re after?

I was looking at you from a competitive bodybuilding standpoint. if you just lift for fun, you should strive for whatever proportions YOU prefer. Not everyone has the same aesthetic goals.

I remember watching a Rich Piana video a long time ago where he talked about leaving competitive bodybuilding and how that changed how he lifted. He basically stopped training his legs because he just didn’t enjoy it, and grew huge fucking arms, lol. He did what he wanted because he was his only critic.

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But I want to look like bodybuilder, I love BB even I don’t want to compete :wink:

How tall are you? Are you a giant (anything over 5’5 is giant because I’m not short and everyone else has GH secreting pituitary tumours)

Might be the angle, but it looks like you need more trap development. Your arms look good. Maybe chest too, but hard to tell with the pictures

Possible to pose better pictures with better angles and lighting?

If you want to look like a bodybuilder, proportions are key. Are you natural? It looks like you’ve to some steroid belly going on, which is why I ask.

From an objective standpoint by a competitor, your chest, in proportion to your shoulders and arms, needs to come up to be more even. Upper and lower pecs need more attention to round and fill it out to even out with the rest of your physique.

IMG_20190629_155401 IMG_20190629_143409

22 y.o. currently 115 kg

I mean, your quads are freakishly fucking huge. Your arms are pretty damn big. Your shoulders dont look SMALL, but are definitely overpowered by your arms. Lats look solid, but traps look lacking. Hamstrings are completely dominated by your quads. Chest looks fairly solid.

You’re a brick shithouse all around, but shoulders, hams, traps, rear delts, and maybe forearms could stand to catch up.

Legs very good, especially from front. Arms look big. Chest is decent. Need to work on medial and rear delts. Need to work on back width. Put all else on maintenance and really put in lots of extra work for med/rear delts and lats for a year.

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If I where you I’d add some glute building exercises.