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22 Weeks From Comp


This is my first post on T-Nation. I have been following the site for a little over a year. As the title indicates I'm planning on competing at the end of March.

A little background info:
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 196 lbs.
bf%: 11 +/- 2% (Was taken by a family doctor using a formula and some sort of current run through my body. She said it was nearly as accurate as calipers, so +/- 2% or so)
Deadlift: 405 x3 (belt & chalk)
Squat: 335 x5 (belt)\
bench: 95 dbs x12

I'm going to college and thought competing was out of the question with my current mandatory meal plan (19 meals/week). I started talking to people about getting off the meal plan, and no one budged. After running through hoops I spoke to a lady who said I can get 19 meals premade from the cafeteria. These will be 8oz. chicken breast, 6 oz. white/brown rice, and steamed green beans or broccoli. This will be ~3 meals per day.

I'm planning on supplementing two more meals of rice and game meat per day, for a total of five meat,rice,green meals. For breakfast I'm planning on 1 cup of oats and a protein shake or egg whites(I hate egg whites). I can also get beef or pig liver from the cafeteria, I'm not sure if I want to though.

My training throughout the summer and up to two weeks ago was push/pull/legs for 6 days then one off. I would do this for three weeks then take 3-5 days off. This was a very stressful program that took me from ~175 in april to 196 now. I'm switching my program back to a split.
Sunday legs:

Back Squat warm up then 275/225/185/135 drop 8 reps each

Leg press- I work up to a weight and then drop set it back to one plate on each side

Leg ext- normally work up to a dropset and SS with seated calf raises.

Farmers walk 95 dbs up one flight of stairs and walk until failure, which has been about 100m.


Monday arms:

bicep/tricep SS

I start with the larger movements and work down, I normally pick on major movement to start with on each.

triceps: weighted dips, close grip bench/incline, skullcrushers
Biceps: bb curls, ez curls, incline curls

Then switch to more minor movements

triceps: one arm overhead db ext. pushdowns
biceps: db preacher, light seated curls

wednesday chest shoulders:

I warm up on db bench then do a 95 lb. ~70 lb. drop set
Incline flyes work up to 50 lbs range
Incline bb press work up to 185 lbs
clean and press, work up to 135
dropset seated lateral raise [ 10 lbs, 12 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs ]
SS with front raises, same weight as lateral

thursday back:
Deadlift up to 405 x 3 [ trying to make it 5, just pulled 3 a month ago]

db rows, ss with reverse flyes
bb rows to neck
shrugs on trap bar ss with shrugs on machine
upright rows to chin

friday hamstrings, biceps, calves, abs

Friday is a make up day for everything I've neglected over the push pull training.

Romanian DL SS leg curls
Seated calve raises SS leg press extensions
curl 21's SS rope crunches.
I also add in some hanging L seats

I switch my training up a bit, for example some days I might add in front squats or overhead squats to leg training. The above is a generalization of my regimen. If anyone thinks I should stick to a very rigid schedule when training for competition please tell me. Also feel free to critique as much as possible. This is going to be my first competition and I'd like to use this thread as a log for my training and diet.
*I'm going to get a hold of a camera to take some pics and post them on this thread.

Thanks everyone on T-Nation


chest /shoulders


front bi


spine erectors


abs thighs


close quads


Back shot


Though you have some good development, from everything I've seen of people 22 weeks out, you should probably wait until a couple years for your first competition. I'm nowhere near competing or anything (still trying to run), but I wouldn't want you to get disappointed as you look like you have the possibility to pack on the pounds for the future.


Very good leg development, good luck with your competition if you decide to do it let us know how your progress is going.


If you are dead set on doing the competition and want to do well, come in to the bone shredded(get help from a pro). Local amatuer shows are almost always won by the guy in the best condition.

My thought however is that you should hold off on competing for a little while. You actually appear like you could do well in the near future if you spent the time to add the size necessary. Whatever you decide to do though good luck and keep us updated.


Beef is ok if it is lean. stay away from the pig liver lol!

Looking good. Contrary to what others may say, it is good to start competing sooner then later, as you get used to the stage, and become more focused on progressing from year to year, contest to contest.


If only Professor X still posted here....


Looks pretty good(besides the lats), I think it's a good idea for you to compete and you'll probably get a good wake-up call and you'll just get more motivated. Unless your someone who gets discourages easily, then id say wait cuz it doesn't look like you'll place very high.


I wouldn't be so quick to judge! There is a reason why there are novice contests, and weight classes! If he comes in to the show in good shape, he as a good chance of doing well.

There are no wake up calls here in BB. The frame of mind you have to have is that you are competing against yourself. You cannot worry about who else is out there, as you cannot control that, and besides it is such a subjective sport - judging decisions very often are controversial, and there is a lot of politics in the sport.

Most BB compete to improve themselves from show to show, and cannot worry about their placing as you cannot control who shows up.


Then he could use his vast amount of knowledge about getting prepared for a show and all the experience he has.


Thanks for the advice. To the comment about my lats,I assume I need more width?


I think you need to work on overall chest and lat thickness.


The fact is in bodybuilding Your back can never be too wide, so yes, that is one area I would really focus on.

Here are some exercises to do on each back day:

T bar rows.
bent over rows
widegrip pulldowns supersetted with narrow grip 'chin' pulldowns.

incline wide grip pull downs

incline narrow grip pull downs.

cable rows.

You need to hit the back from every possible angle to maximize developement, and start practicing the lat spread both front and rear as they are the hardest of the compulsaries as it takes practice and control to be able to display your lats to their fullest.


Prisoner - thanks for the tips. I've used deadlifting as an excuse not to hit the lats hard on back day. I'll make sure to work on them along with flexing them.

With my chest, I incline/flat bench and flye, I also do a lot of dips. Any other advice? I probably just need to keep chipping away.


Good luck! Keep training hard and stay the course. You can do it!