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22, Training On and Off Since 16

Hey everyone, just wanted some positive criticism on my physique…to be honest my higher priorities are relative strength, power, and athletics. But was just curious what other athletes opinions were of my physique.

We all hear from the average joe that “man you are toooo buff, quit working out so much” or “you are such a health nut” but all that means is that they are way outta shape and/or have no self control with their diet. But to get opinions from other guys/girls who are dedicated and experienced BB or weightlifters, now that counts!

I’m 5’7’’-8’’ and at 175 at 22yrs. Not impressive but my Dead is 410 and Bench is 285. My physique goal is to maintain bodyweight but improve body composition so I gain a lb of muscle for every lb of fat I lose. Any suggestions? In particular, dietary?

I’m currently not doing much cardio and as you can see my bf is still around 12-13% I think…what can I do on my off days to help burn but not overtrain? My program is a total body strength training 3/week w/ low to medium volume.

Kill that protein man…its ok to be a lil bulky and an athlete but dont want to carry around too much extra baggage… What sport do you play? is it recreational or college…Flexibility will cause a change in muscle size, nothing drastic but stretching the fascia will help improve muscular bulk. So stretch, its not a pussy thing

Recreational, I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and play Bball as well. Yeah, I try to stretch out after the workout but sometimes I just dont get to it. So you think the problem is excessive protein?



legs front, i’m aware my facial expressions are retarded, I’m sick and sleepless…


[quote]droshan wrote:
So you think the problem is excessive protein?[/quote]

Yeah, I think everyone here will agree that an excessive amount of protein is definitely your biggest problem.

No, I meant kill that protein as in eat a ton of it…sorry for the misunderstanding…u always need to find time to stretch though. If you need a sample program or something just give me a Message or something