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22, Thinking About a Test P and Test E Cycle


Hi, I’ve just created an account here as I wanted advice for my first Cycle, I think I should do something like test first because from what I’ve read it is relatively safe with little side effects and I think it would be a great cycle to do without going in with 2 feet off the ground so to speak…

Test P 100mg EOD 1-4 weeks
Test E 400mg/Week 4-10 weeks (Every Sunday then Wednesday)
Week 12-14 Nolva 40mg
Week 14-16 Nolva 20mg
I’m thinking of running HCG through cycle at 1000 iu a week, Not sure which day to inject on a Sunday I will be injecting but it’s oil based so maybe I could mix it with the TestE/P?

I might buy the Rich Piana all round organ defence to promote the health of my organs, What do you guys say to this?


Anyone? Is this a good idea?


Your planned cycle is stupid and you need to read more.

You change from a short ester § to a longer ester (e) and, at that, you dose your test-e at or below a TRT dose? I take 125mg/wk test-e for TRT and 25mg test-pfor an initial boost.

I also see no AI, as if you’d even need that for weeks 4-10.

Also, I’d consider Nolva 20mg ED for 6 weeks. I’ve read that it’s the “new” 40/40/20/20. I came to the conclusion of this not from the repeated broscience, rather, higher doses (40mg, longer term though) causing liver failure in a study of Nolva on Scandinavian women.

Also, you’re gonna get shit here for being 22 and wanting to cycle. Some will say 25. I say age is arbitrary once you pass 18 and are old enough to be an adult; especially an adult that has held a rifle for our nation. Just keep it in the back of your head, you may never have kids again, even adding hCG.

Furthermore, you gotta be a special kind of stupid if you’re still active duty Army. They will charge you under UCMJ if caught by the wrong person. I know of one case - USMC, Ret.


What are your stats?: weight, height, rough bodyfat, bench& deadlift max etc

Looking to get hyuuuge or just look ‘athletic’?


Oops I forgot Armidex double oops I did a typo I was gonna say 400- 500mg a week split into two injections also my pic is just Shia Lebeouf I’m no soldier :joy: Thank you for your service


I’m no mathematician or AAS expert, but I believe the idea behind a cycle is to have stable T levels.

When you’re switching from p to e, you may see a noticeable difference in feeling; whether that affects gains is another story and it may be mental than anything. It’d make much more sense to me to finish off with p instead of e as you’ll still have week 6 test-e still active… whereas week 4 test-p may be very low on your next test-e shot.


5ft 7
70 kg Aesthetic


Should I take different dosages to the ones I’ve planned in this instance and is the “never having kids again” part to do with if I got an estrogen build up?


Oh boy. Yeah at 153lbs you are far away from needing gear, especially just to get aesthetic.

At 22 just eat a ton of protein and train hard on one of the proven programs like these and you will get up to 170+ fast and totally naturally…


Say if I wanted to get a larger chest for proportion reasons should I do more bench variations and mix hypertrophies between sets in the 10 secrets programme? I heard the more you can lift the more potential growth you can have


Just do it exactly as written for 6-8 weeks then evaluate. Dan John really knows his stuff -doing all the clean and press work as well as 5x5 bench will definetly build up your chest and also get you much stronger


Okay and how much should I be pyramiding up with my weights like 5kg a week?


Roughly 2.5 kg, maybe 5kg for the squat. Only really push for PR on the C workout.
Also its ok to stay on the same weights for a couple weeks, you will get stronger over time just from the overall volume of the program


this is an alright cycle, front loading the test p and then into test e cycle is common , pct looks good too. Test is at 400 mg you can raise it a bit more to 500 without much sides gains at 500mg are good for starters. I recomend getting some AI for test - e. using it ED at 12mg if you start noticing puffy nips.


no it’s not an alright cycle. what is wrong with you?


Jesus is that you in that pic, That is literally my lifetime physique goal


this is the same cycle i ran except i started with test prop + superdrol , real superdrol not that fake bullshit, gained around 12 lb lean after pct.


thanks bro i have been hitting the weights for a long time though everything comes with dedication and patience keep at it.


Yeah hear of Superdrol but not sure on its availability in the UK