22, Starting Self-Prescribed Protocol

Hi everyone,
I’m an Australian who has just moved to Canada for a two year working holiday.
I’ve seen multiple endocrinologists in Australia who have insisted that there is nothing wrong with me despite my hypogondic symptoms (australian doctors are fucking useless with this). I’ve been struggling with low test symptoms since the age of 18. I will be able to source my own pharma grade testosteronce cyp and arimidex (just in case)

Here is some bio information about me:
relatively fit (been going to the gym for the past 4 years)
lack of facial hair (can grow a weak mustache and a bit of chin hair)

-Lack of libido
-often anxious for no reason
-Sometimes feel depressed even though i have no reason to be
-very rarely get morning wood
-can go weeks without masturbation without urge
-Terrible brain fog, you know that feeling when you wake up after a big night and can’t think? i feel like that all day

Here is my latest lab work that i got done in Australia. I would really appreciate advise to what sort of protocol i should run.

I was thinking 120mg of test c split into E3D dosage SUBQ

PRL 198 mIU/L (<300)
LH 4 IU/L (1-10)
FSH 5 IU/L (1-10)
E2 80pmol/L (< 150)
Progesterone 1 (< 3)
Total test 10nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
Free Test 203pmol/L (150-700)
SHGB 28nmol (13-71)

I am worried about fertility but i figured since i don’t have any primary issues with my testies they should bounce back with a HTPA restart. I’m planning to freeze some of my sperm when i arrive back to Australia

Your advise is greatly appreciated. I understand this is for life but i can no longer suffer through my youth with these terrible fucking low t symptoms

thank you

Have you had your thyroid checked? Do you snore? How is your sleep? What about your history of drug use/abuse including alcohol?

I’ve had my thyroid checked in the past, everything was within reference ranges,
I’ve emailed my doctor and will try and get the labs sent to me.
I sleep very good and no i do not snore. I usually have 8 hrs of uninterupted sleep.
I drink moderately maybe once per week, but i imagine that will increase considering my new lifestyle here in canada.

I did abuse sarms for about a year and a half. However i did have low test symptoms prior to this but i feel like it absolutely worsened my situation.

You mean the reference ranges defined as normal by our sick care system, normal and optimal are two very different things.

I would inject T more frequently if I were you because estrogen is healthy and T is low, when you triple or even quadruple your testosterone levels, your estrogen will climb.

Unfortuntely i won’t be able to get any blood work done for a while.
I was planning on doing 6-8 week of TRT before travelling back to a major city to get bloodwork done. Then i will test my thyroid levels again.

What sort of protocol would you recommend then?
I was hoping i could get away with E3D out of convinence
also should i use test E or test C ?

perhaps an EOD protocol?
35mg subq ?

An EOD at a minimum, daily might be best. This will decrease the conversion rate of FT->E2.

Convenience doesn’t always match up with what you should be doing, protocols decisions should always follow the labs.

So an AI wouldn’t be neccesary on an EOD protocol?

That’s kind of the point, frequent injections is the tool used when wanting to avoid AI’s which is best.

Great, thank you.
Do you think my brainfog is associated to low test or could that be a thyroid issue?

Brain fog is more of a low testosterone symptom which yours is definitely low, as for thyroid without lab testing we just don’t know. Your testicles don’t seem particularly sensitive to simulation.

Do you have older lab testing for your thyroid?

I’ve contacted my doctors and hopefully will get them emailed through in the next few days. They’re 2 years old though. I’ve also done MRI scans of the pituitary. They found nothing out of the ordinary. Should I still continue with this protocol dispute lacking the thyroid labs? I’m convinced my issues stem from hypogonadism

Thanks for your replies by the way

It wouldn’t hurt to try the prescribed protocol, you can always make adjustments. I would do the recommended protocol I suggested though, 25mg EOD or 12-14mg daily.

I’ll be starting next week.
I can just use insulin pins for subq injections correct? I shouldn’t have any issues getting these from a pharmacy without a script?
Also curious If moderate alcohol consumption have any effect on TRT

Wouldn’t it be safer to start at 50mg e3.5d like everyone else? Monday morning, Thursday evening.

I would much prefer doing a protocol like this. But as systemlord mentioned I already have relatively high e2 so it’s more likely that I would have estrogen issues with e3d protocol. I also will have difficulty getting regular bloodwork. So ideally I want to get the right protocol right the first time. Would be interested on some more opinions regarding this

100mg/week is very low dose. The only folks doing that little are the low SHBG guys.

Would you consider me low shgb?

It depends what your SHBG end up being on TRT

It will raise your E2, increase general inflammation, stunt fat loss, and keep you from getting proper sleep.