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22, Second Cycle Advice


Hello all! This is my first post on this forum. Let me start out by saying I am 22 years old, 5’10" and 225 pounds, 14-16% body fat as an estimate. I have been training off and on since high school, but have been taking it more seriously the last two or so years. Diet has been tuned in the last year or so. 40/40/20 macro split and calorie amount of course changes as my goals change. I did one prohormone cycle when I was 19 with no PCT. This wasn’t very smart of me.

I was trying to jump the gun and did no research and knew nothing. It was helladrol. Only ill effects from this was a lacking libido. Last year I did a cycle of Test Prop at 700mg a week and superdrol at 20mg a day during the first four weeks. Probably too much test, I know. It was more of a recomp cycle and I wasn’t aiming to gain a ton of weight, I wanted to lose fat and put on some lean gains. Which I did. I’ve ran DNP a few times, I might get some heat for that but I like to think I’m very educated on the subject and know what I’m doing.

Anyways, I’ve been researching training, gear and nutrition daily since I’ve been 18 years old. Countless hours reading forums and articles and studies. I’ve taken the plunge and ordered Raws and the supplies needed to homebrew, as it is much cheaper than buying finished product. So for my second cycle, I am trying to do something in between a bulk and a lean bulk, with Test prop, NPP, and an oral that is yet to be decided. I have it narrowed down to a few, but I’d like some advice from personal experiences. Here’s what I’m thinking about doing currently, but I’m VERY on the fence about it.

1-12 Test P 525mg/week
1-12 NPP 525mg/week
1-4 Superdrol 20mg/day
9-12 Winstrol 50mg/day
Typical nolva/clomid PCT, possibly 250iu HCG/2x weekly if I feel it is necessary come week 4-6.

I know running two orals in one cycle can be catastrophic, and that superdrol alone is very harsh on the liver. The winstrol is solely dependent on the results of a blood test that I will have during week 8. If my levels are decent, I will use winstrol, if they are not, I won’t use it. Not a huge deal to me. TUDCA, NAC and Milk Thistle will be ran the entirety of this cycle.

So my questions are, is my NPP dose too high? I’ve seen people run it lower and I’ve seen people run it much higher. 350mg/week was my first thought, but I just figured I’d bump it up to be even with my Test P, for the sake of my OCD :wink: My options for orals are Winstrol, Superdrol, Anadrol, and Anavar. Say you could only pick one, which would it be? Obviously anadrol is for bulking but would the NPP make the water retention any easier, and then POSSIBLY winstrol the cut me up at the end? (Again, dependent on liver function). Should I use aromasin or arimidex for my AI? I used aromasin for my first cycle at 12.5mg/ED and had no issues. I believe I am prone to Estrogen related issues, I was pretty chubby in my teens, and still and not as lean as I’d like to be.

Side note, I’m diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and I often get hyper focused on things, borderline obsessed and the past few years it’s been fitness. This makes my diet very easy for me to follow, I almost never find it tedious to be very strict with my food intake. This is a huge advantage when I had always thought of it as being a disadvantage earlier in my life. I don’t think my love for fitness will ever go away. I love everything about it. Training, food, the drug aspect, helping people… I don’t think I’m forgetting anything, I hope to be welcomed into the community. Thanks in advance to everyone, and I apologize for this being so lengthy.


I have done two superdrol cycles… i have tried anandrol, dbol, tbol… none compare to sdrol, best and quickest lean gains however the side effects can really cripple you at many lifts,the back pumps it creates at weeks 3+ are insane… i dont care how manly you think you are… expect to be crawling out after deads…might have to pass on them to be honest, take a lot of tudca for liver protection and do not drink on this oral at all…both superdrol cycles I ran were 4 weeks max and first time i couldnt go past week 3.5 and ended up dropping it, but gained around 12 lb of mass in 3 weeks alone… not counting test gains…


I know water retention is an issue with anadrol, how bad is it though? I hear it also has amazing strength gains, does it still not compare to superdrol in that aspect? I had appetite issues when I first started superdrol. Is that something I should expect to experience with anadrol! And yeah I ran superdrol in my first cycle. I love it. It was amazing… the pumps are definitely crippling. I don’t drink or do any recreational drugs as I’m an addict in recovery. :slight_smile: thank you for your time and input!


I like the cycle but I would leave the orals out until the end. But if your gonna try to push training sessions the sd pre workout is superb.


What are your goals? Physique or strength?