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22 Proven Rep Schemes


Nick asks:

I was reading this article (https://www.t-nation.com/training/22-proven-rep-schemes) and it was very helpful, however, I just had one question! For any of the rep schemes, how do you know when to go up in weight? Is it just if you hit all your reps?


Not only when hitting all the reps, but when all the reps are very solid. At one point you do need to develop the instinct of when to add weight. You can’t always rely on formulas


It usually comes when you do 5x5 and that 5th set the 5 reps fly up easily :slight_smile:

Come on what’s more proven than ramp up/back off for 3-10 sets of 3-5 reps…followed by DB or bodyweight assitance work as needed.

That’s basically training in a nutshell (sprinkled with O-lifts, perfect jumping and neural charge stuff in between)

Discovered finally after years of practicing ct’s work =)

in all seriousness, awesome recent podcast on thibarmy !