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22, First Time Cutting


Hey just looking for some feedback on what to bring up during my upcoming bulk after my first cut for a campus competition.


From the pic, it looks as though your traps are lagging, and from your avatar it looks as though your chest is also behind. Back pic?


Lat Spread




Side Chest


Side Relaxed


Back Relaxed


Avatar is a before pic, stats are 5'6, weight is 151-153. I'm in a weight class 142-156.7 just a campus competition. Def. looking to put on some quality mass after the comp.


Your delts have developed nicely, good striations, and great rear delts. GL but definitely work on putting some mass after this come. Hit those legs and bad harder. Wouldnt hurt to add some extra size to your arms either.


Push your waist in and try to flare your lats more on the lat spread. Pretty good just need more size. Like every bodybuilder : )


In a front relaxed pose the lats are flared out. Flexing the traps would lessen the effect.


Good all round development your delts are really good and so is your chest. I would focus on your back more in particular your traps.

Btw is that a bald spot your developing?


you are the fucking worst. Does it really look like he has a bald spot? Get the fuck out of here.

OP you've gotten some solid advice so far. You just need overall size (and you know that) but who doesnt... what're your plans for your post comp program?


Calm down Greg if It gets any worse he could always borrow some from your moustache.

But I do agree on the mass thing you have a great shape but It is small.


lol bald spot I hope not, I have a tapered haircut kinda guido mexican-like. Thx for the comments I do know I need overall size. Laggards in my eyes are calves, traps, and need more ab development(I was somewhat fat for awhile I have a lot of skin around my lower abdominals that I hope tightens up).

Plans I'm not completely sure, I might get slammed for this without a video but I deadlifted 465 1RM raw just a belt and chalk at 155 so I may want to train and compete at that after I get back all my strength from this cut.


BTW Frank Zane is the ideal body type in my eyes, I like his development and muscularity at 185 better than the mass monsters that dominate the bodybuilding world these days. If I could get anywhere close to that in 5 years I would be very content.


zane weighed over 200lbs when he competed in the 60's. He was between 187-195 when he won The O.

Contest ready 195lbs on a 5'9" frame is a lot of muscle. That is definitely something to shoot for. I also think Zane has a very appealing physique.


Yah I would assume 8-10 lbs of lean muscle gain is possible in a year's work so at around 145lbs of lean body weight now it would take me close to (8 lbs x 5 yrs) = 45lbs +145lbs = 190 lbs to reach that amount of mass. Although I am 5'6 I think at 180 lean I could theoretically look very good. Bodybuilding is a draining sport I respect it that much more just training for a local competition.

Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding I guess is my dilemma I would like to hear both sides of the spectrum if I could. I love to lift, diet is the hard part I like to dine out and that's nearly impossible when you're cutting weight. What is elite level powerlifting? 3x bodyweight is Strong but I think 4-5x would be considered Elite?


Elite totals are dependent upon weight class and gear.

114# 904
123# 984
132# 1059
148# 1185
165# 1298
181# 1396
198# 1471
220# 1551
242# 1607
275# 1654
319# 1691
SHW 1728


Class 114 123 132 148 165 181 198 220 242 275 308 SHW
Elite 1085 1210 1300 1450 1580 1692 1780 1875 1940 2000 2040 2085


Update: Backstage after my show