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21yrs Old, Trying to Reclaim My Libido and FSH Levels. Clomid Questions

21 years old, never used testosterone or any anabolic steroid.

The only illegal substances i have used are clenbuteral and marijuana. One, or both of which could be the cause of my hormone imbalance and ED.
A year ago, I used to have rock hard erections, now i dont get erections at all.

I can get an erection if i stroke myself to induce and erection, but even then its only 90% hard and only lasts a minute or two.

Bloodwork i did in april -

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) - 1.27 (1.7 - 12.0 mIU/mL)
Luteinizing Hormone ( LH ) 4.14 (1.1 - 7)
Testosterone - 5.36 (3 - 10.6 ng/mL)
Serum Oestradiol ( E2 ) 40 (>60)
Prostatic Specific Antigen ( PSA ) - 0.72 (0.21 - 1.72 ng/mL)
Free testosterone - 18.81 (8.69 - 54.69)
DHT - 537 (250-990)

Bloods this week -

S.Prolactin - 15.1 (1.5 - 19 ng/mL)
Luteinizing Hormone - 5.99 (1.1 - 7.0 mIU/ml)
Testosterone - 4 (3 - 10.6 ng/mL)
FSH - 1.37 (1.7 - 12.0 mIU/mL)

Not sure what could have caused this , the hormone specialist says it could be because of stress, but i took a vacation between april and june, and no erections came back at all.

Can i take some clomid to increase my fsh and see if my libido comes back? If yes, then how much and for how long, and will it have a permanent effect in raising my FSH or only temporarily?

Read the PCT sticky. You are young enough, you could have some success with it. Your numbers seem to indicate that you are possibly secondary hypogonadism.

Your E2 seems high, you would do well to start bringing it down with an AI.

What has the specialist recommended?

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DHT is oddly high VS your low T which will have some repressive effects, but not root problem.

Have you had any thyroid lab work?

Have you been using iodized salt to get iodine for your thyroid?

We see a number of guys your age with low-T. Mostly we do not find a cause.
Have you ever used a hair loss drug - 5-alpha reductase inhibitor?

Doesn’t low T increase DHT levels? From what I have read, the body compensates for low T by overproducing DHT, which leads to MPB and other things.

From what I understand T/FT—>DHT is the pathway. So low T usually =low DHT.

Good DHT levels suggest that T levels are better than captured.

You are correct about the pathway, but often low T causes elevated DHT. That’s one reason that MPB often indicates low T.


What happens is this: low circulating levels of testosterone cause an
increase in the conversion of testosterone to DHT; more DHT causes an
increase in the
size of the prostate. It is not well understood why low testosterone
levels mean more of it is converted to DHT, though an over-compensatory
mechanism of
the body may be generally held to be the cause, in an attempt to
achieve homeostasis once again (Bain, 2010). Testosterone and prostate
health are directly
linked through the production of DHT, and the overproduction of DHT.
Underproduction of DHT does not necessarily mean low levels of
testosterone are present.

hypergonadism was my guess too. I want to avoid going on TRT for as long as possible, i dont want to be dependent on it forever.

The specialist said that it could be due to stress, I have not visited her since i did the second bloods.

No thyroid tests done yet. I do not use iodized salt.

I dont know what a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor is, but i’ve never used hair loss medication.

What should i do?

Read the HPTA restart sticky. You are young enough a restart could bring you back.

@KSman @gonadthebarbarian

Thanks, I’m going to start working out again, eating healthy and increasing my fat intake from today.
If my libido isn’t back in a month, I’ll do my hpta restart

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Yes, that is why I stated “DHT is oddly high VS your low T”