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21yrs Old, 158lbs Powerlifter Wanting to Make a Switch


Ive always powerlifted, for shits and giggles i gave bodybuilding a try when i was 19. I looked alright at best and came in at a whopping 141 pounds. After that i returned to powerlifting and i currently compete at 148. I have a meet in 2 weeks but after that id like to grow for a year and give it another shot in bodybuilding.

Age 21
current weight 158
height 5" 3'
bodyfat...idk 12-15

bench 295
squat 410
deadlift..500 is getting pulled two saturdays from now

diet- right now to maintain weight at about 158 i have 200g carbs training days 75 on off days.
250ish g protein...fat is whateverr

i have found that im deff carb tolerant....i always used to think the opposite. cant weight to play with macros after this meet.

pictures comingg

and i can take jabs


back relxed




Lookin' good dude, the most muscular is definitely a very good pose for you.








overall everything needs to be brought up.

if i could say what my strong points are...id say my hamstrings and my back is slowly becoming one but both still need more.

my arms blow...and my shoulders are weaksauce.

my quads for some reason suck as well.

any tips or pointers are appreciated.


Nice job

Id say lats and quad sweep could be brought up a bit


forearms, triceps, back.

bench 295 lol just 5 more lbs to 300.


Hey dude, Im pretty sure Ive seen you train at the YMCA. And I saw you at the 100% RAW meet, although I didnt compete in it. Haha thats crazy.


That would be me....black addidas wrestling shoes...what days are you there


[quote]Bunny Bench wrote:
forearms, triceps, back.

bench 295 lol just 5 more lbs to 300.

its huge monkey on my back haha. if i could bring my triceps up that probably would put me past three.


5"3' hahahahaha. you shouldn't even be allowed post. MANLET


dude you started a manlet thread.

keep this kind of crap on that thread only.


haha for realll