21Y/O & Blasting for the Last 3 Years, What to Do Next?

Had to go off several months ago because my doc said my cholesterol was so bad id get a heart attack any day, fast forward a few months had a long PCT for around 60 days with nolva and clomid (didnt have access to hcg), and after about a month after my PCT my FSH, LH, and free test is all normal, all my cholesterol values are very good, I even checked my hear at a clinic, not just with ecg/ekg but a proper checkup, my heart has not been bigger or damaged and my veins look good.

I still have very good muscle mass, but i want to get back on, however this time not going for so long, maybe just 20-30 weeks, I’ve told myself to wait until winter so my body can rest a bit, what are your thoughts?

Firstly… Username… Seriously…

Secondly, out of clinical interest… How bad is “so bad” and what were you on at the time? I assume orals and/or tren.

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What exactly are you asking?
What is blasting for you?

And clomid was a good choice.
Do you have sides?

“Just” 30 weeks…

Trolling right ?

Blockquote “Just” 30 weeks…

Fuck lmao I thought this was his time off till considering gear again, and I thought that was too soon.

I believe we have encountered a troll.

Given that i was on for 150~ weeks 30 seems more reasonable, the whole point is I was using high doses for 3 years and now after a few months off everything is fine, and with that said is it ok to go back on? Why should a cycle only be 12-16 weeks if I can recover 100% from a longer cycle?

You play Russian Roulette and win. You play again and win. One day you’ll pull the trigger and stop winning. Get the point? It’s not smart but you’re the reckless for lifer so you do you.


Sure, but why is it worse to do 20-30 weeks than 12 or 16 weeks? Your shutting down your whole hormone production either way.

You’re only considering the recovery of your HPTA… you know that’s not even the scariest risk of anabolic abuse right?


How bad is your training and diet that you need 20-30 weeks of drugs at 21 yo?
By the sounds of it, you shouldn’t touch any drug.

EDIT: Take a year and see if you can make progress.
My bet is you lose all your mass because you have no idea how to eat or train.

What do you consider high dosages (when using for 150 weeks). 175-250mg/wk? Or full on blast dosages.

This is a stupid reply, just because i use steroids at my age means i have no idea what im doing or how to diet? I have good knowledge about both muscle physiology and muscle anatomy, don’t be ignorant just because people are asking for advice. Even if i did quit training for a year wouldn’t I still have the extra muscle nuclei?

Nah man, he has a point. You’re pattern of use is beyond reckless

You may be an adult, but at 21 many still make impulse decisions without thought for long term consequence.

Why were you on for so long? How bad was your cholesterol, and what dosages/compounds are we talking.

Is it a sprinkle of testosterone/primobolan or a full fledged 3 year permablast?

This thread is worthless without pictures

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I get that, hence my username, im not oblivious to the fact that what I did was reckless, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to train or diet, the fact that I do know how to train and diet is probably the reason why i have maintained a lot of the muscle mass i gained from the cycle (if you can call it that).

It was pretty much a permablast.

He asked you how bad was your cholesterol and how much gear were you running. Seems like your trying to dodge the question.

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