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i know everyone recommends 23g needles for glute injections but i was just wondering if any1 has used 21g for glutes ??

is it that bad ?

i rekon i'll just use 21g cos its what ive got at the moment and seriously its not that big of a difference from 23...


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Ouch! You'll be surprised at how much difference it really does make. Save 21g for drawing.


You can use a turkey baster if you are man enough. :slight_smile:


I use 18-21s for drawing and 24-25 for injecting.

Yes, I'm a pussy :wink:



Use 25's


the 25g's i have access to are 1 inch long, is that long enough for glute injections ?

the 23g's are 1.25" and the 21's are 1.5"

you guys still rekon go the 25's ?

i have low body fat around most of my upper body but my ass feels quite fleshy...


I'd say out of that list the 23's would make a good compramise.


Well, those 25s would be more than long enough for quad or delt shots.


thanks for all the advice guys, i think ill get some 23g cos i like to stick with glute shots.


I use 25g 1" for quad shots and glute shots. When I do glute shots instead of stopping when the pin bottoms out, I just push it in about another 1/4" so the skin is dimpled around the bottom of the barrel. That gives me the extra lengh instead of buying 2 different size pins.


i work in a hospital, 23 gauge 1 1/4 inch is the perfect size, not as painful less bleeding.


As a rookie now, I did my first two inj. with a 22 ga and now the last three with a 25 ga. and I gotta say. the pain with the 22 was by no means a deal breaker but now after a few 25's the pain difference is noticable. But the effort required to push thru the smaller pin was also signifigant.


Warm the vial before you draw. It makes all the difference.



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