21G 1.5" Needle For TRT

I ran out of needles and it’s injection day. It’s it ok to use the 21G needle for IM injections into the Ventro or Dorsogluteal muscle?

Any experience or advice if kindly welcomed.

Thanks guys!

My first steroid injections (Deca) were done with an 1.5”, 20 gauge needle. All went well.

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Thank you so much! Everyone says don’t harpoon yourself in the videos about TRT injections. Haha. At least in majority of the ones I’ve seen. I feel better about it already. What was your injection site if you don’t mind me asking?

But I later switched to 22 gauge

Ok, so compared to @RT_Nomad I’m a baby. I use 28g slin pins for my TRT. Currently blasting and I’m using 1” 25g for the first time in like 18 months and I cringe every time I open one up lol.

21g is fine, but certainly not ideal. I would have a hard time pinning forever if I always had to use a needle that big


Amazon is fast. I wouldn’t use a harpoon for longer than needed. 27 gauge slin pins are my go to. Higher gauge than that, and they just take too long for my liking to fill. I’ve done 250 mg EOD with them. No pip with them yet.