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215, 3 Yrs Training


Three years of good training

Bench 405
Squat 500
Deadlfit 580

2 mile run 12min 44sec


oh no


looking good so far, more pics?


fuck yeah dude!

you weigh like 25lbs less than me and have like 50lbs on all my lifts.


nice shooting with the berrett.

hight? weight? what does a normal workout routine look like for you?

what unit are you with?


5'9 215

Right now I do 5 day routine two upper and three lower body workouts. I go heavy on basic lifts bench, squat, deadlift, standing overhead press, and weighted pull ups. 10x3 and 5x5 has worked best for me. Also rotation work for the shoulders and a lot of core work.
My diet right now is protein, chicken breast, and tuna. Im limited on the food options right now as you can see its pretty basic.


Lookin thick man. Back and legs photo?


It seems "basic" is the way to go.


thanks man.

are you considering ranger reg, sf, something like that? have you been to airborne/air assault/other schools? did you change your training before? did you do anything while you were there?


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one other thing OP, could you please send me pictures of your private parts (all of them) and whether you are right or left eye dominant?


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Damn good work OP, feel free to share anything you've learned that's worthwhile.


OP how old are you?

what do your arms measure?

you are a goddamn tank!




Fixed x2


NICE!! lolz


Your profile says 6 years...


looking awesome dud! Post some leg pictures and back.


I think Holymac hitting on him scared him away.