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214 Snatch (Iranian Nationals)


and no, it doesn't count because its not a world or continental IWF event


I have a feeling this man is going to crush my dream of seeing Chigishev win an olympic gold medal.

He is just all kinds of freakazoid, but let's see if he can hit this in a world/continental IWF event, eh? :stuck_out_tongue: (differences in testing or something, isn't there?)


I saw this on some iranian website and couldn't find any videos last night. Thanks for posting this!


well he was very close on 211 in the worlds last year, so i think he can def hit this weight in a IWF meet.

chigi can snatch 215 with no doubt, but he needs to stay healthy to and maybe add another 5kg of bodyweight, then we might see 215 and 260 from him


yeah his quadriceps always get injured. the left or right vastus lateralis always spazzes out.


I noes. I def want to see Chigishev to win these next Olympics, but thats looking bleaker as this guy gets better.


Chigs is there for 215 but I don't think he'll be able to do 260 :frowning:

Same here! I want Chigs to win!