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210lbs Dumbbells for 9 Reps


I dont know if this has been posted yet but...HOLY SHIT!!!


i just watched him incline BB 500 too

lol thats nuckin futs dude most people cant even deadlift that weight.


Yeah - he's pretty unreal. Standing next to him is a lesson in stored energy. He's a heck of a nice guy - at least he was at the meet I was at.


shit form


Probably been posted, but impressive.


sweet jesus! that guy's a beast!


so, I'm guessing you have better form with the 210 DBs?

9ers crack me up.


ya man, i agree, he should lower for 9.3122 seconds, pause for 1.225 seconds, and lift in 2.453 seconds.

incline swiss ball would have been more functional too.



You try getting 1 rep with good form at 210's. Hell try lifting 210's.


I looked at the other videos on the account, I have seen the video of his 2000+ RAW total, the dude is absolutely insane. I also love seeing ridiculously strong dudes who never shut the hell up while lifting, it just puts a smile on my face.


Wow, thanks for the vid


The shit form comment must be sarcasm??? His touching his chest, not bouncing, whats wrong with it?


shit post


For those that can't get youtube on work blackberry's, can someone just tell me who the video is of? I can use my imagination for the rest...imagining "shit form" with 210's and all


his deadlift technique is awesome :slightly_smiling: shake the hell out of the bar, then rip it off the floor!! hahaha what a beast!


radical pressing right there!


The yelling or grunting or whatever is annoying. Crazy impressive lifts.


Stan Efferding incline pressing 210 lb dumbbells for 9 reps.


I have to laugh when people criticize the form of someone was has a 2000lbs+ RAW total. He must be doing something right....


Pretty beastly stuff!