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2105 Raw Total @SHW @20 Years Old


Hey guys! I don't post here much, but from time to time. Figured I would put up my meet video up from yesterday.
I just turned 20 last week, and my meet was yesterday. I was really hoping to do it as a teen. I was going to be going into the meet as a teen, until it got rescheduled. Oh well. First meet in the open class was a success!


Grrr... Post didn't go through.

But nice work! That's incredible especially for only 20!!!

I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions.

I think it was you who posted to these forum mentioning a torn labrum or something like that. If that's right, how'd you overcome it?

Also, what's your training look like now?

And you've got some great training partners, I'm so envious haha.


yea that was me!

its going to sound crazy and dumb man but after my surgery I benched in a slingshot for a year straight. any time I did any kind of pressing motion I wore a slingshot for a whole year. it never hurts now. its good!

and I run the cube method for my bench and for my squat and deadlift I just go off feel. but I never do anything over 5 reps for squat or anything over 3 reps for deadlift. which may be why my deadlift is fucking trash.


Dude, are you the guy Brandon Lilly just posted about?


Never heard someone say their deadlift was trash, when they pulled 690. Very impressive numbers. Be proud of all the hard work you put in and the total put up at the meet. Looking forward to seeing the progress you will keep making.



I think he posted something on Facebook yes. He's my lifting partner


Well I mean trash compared to my squat. There's 198 and lower guys who whipe the floor with me lol
That's going to be my focus this off season though


nice man just saw your vid on t-misc (am banned on there too). Your bench is just insane and your progress the last half year has been really inspiring


Nice work!


Saw it on Instagram too

Nice job man!


What are they putting in that Kentucky water? :wink:

Nice job man, I think you're one of the strongest people to ever post on these forums, actually. Hope you stick around and offer out advice when you can, I'm sure you'll be going down as one of the greats in a few years (not that you already aren't).

What was Eric Lilliebridges total at 20? I know he was a 275, but I think it was right around 2100???


I talk to Eric quite frequently. He helps me a lot, super nice guy. And 2065 I think is what it was maybe


Awesome, I thought you had that last bench attempt!


Insane lifts, especially the squat is great. Do you keep a training log somewhere online? What is your bodyweight?


I was 353 that morning at weigh ins.

I'm typically between 320-330 but I was extremely bloated. I use a different belt for desdlifts than I use for squats (13mm double prong for squat 10mm single prong for deadlifts)

I can usually get my 10mm on the 3rd notch but I was so bloated it would'nt even go on the first so I had to use a squat belt

But as far as training

I use the cube king pin for bench and for squat a deadlift I just go off feel. No program. But my squats leading up to the meet looked like this
5 weeks out - 700 for 6 reps
4 weeks out - 750 for 4 reps
3 weeks out - 810 for 2 reps
2 weeks out - 830 for a single
1 week out - 700 for 2 reps

I'm pretty much just go heavy until I can't anymore, then take a deload, then do it all over


Amazing strenght !!
Can you tell a bit more about your training please?


I posted my last few weeks of squat up there^^

I cycle reps down and weight up. With only one working set after my warm ups.
Then I do high rep accessories like 4 sets of 15-20 on leg press, leg extension, and leg curl

Bench I run the cube King pin

Deadlift I just pull heavy all the time. Every deadlift day is a heavy day. Like a 1, 2, or 3RM every workout

And that's honestky it

I don't do shoulders or back (besides deadlift)
I don't do biceps or abs
I do band and close grip stuff for triceps on bench day

That's it


Great job young man!

And I love your self-deprecating moniker and interwebz deameanor. Will be rooting for you to do even greater things in the future.


I've just always thought it was important to never take yourself too seriously or think you're better than you are. One of the most valuable things my dad ever taught me.

Thank you!


Were you also a big guy when you started powerlifting or did you gain a lot of weight purposely for powerlifting over time?