210 lbs Rate My Phisique

Hey guys,

Here is a picture of me from about 3 months ago. Just wondered if you guys could rate my phisique. Will try to get some up to date pictures soon. Currently looking to do a phisique comp summer next year but looking for some criticism in terms of where I am.

My stats: 28 years old, 6,4 ft, 210 lbs, sitting at about 10-11 %. Currently consuming 3500-3600 cal/day, clean eating only one cheat meal a week sometimes none at all. Training monday to sat with minimum of 1 hr intense cardio a week split over 4 days.

Any criticism is much appreciated.



Another one


Seriously Nobody??? That bad?? lol

Hey man! First mistake is being negative! That’s just setting yourself up for dissapointment.Sometimes people just cruise forums and don’t bother saying anything.

You got a great build, Id say in time your going to look awsome. Keep up the good work. Personally i would give it more time, You have the foundation but now its time to add some serious size. Keep training hard and dieting just as hard and the results will come.

3500 seems abit low for someone at 210 might just be me though. Are you cutting or bulking atm?

Nah was just joking because nobody had answered lol. Cheers for replying. Yeh that was a few months ago while I was working abroad so diet was a bit difficult for 6 weeks, so had slightly higher bf.

As for the cal, my basic diet is 3500 but thats not factoring in everything so will be more like 4000 or there abouts. Bulking at the moment, but trying to maintain a good level of bf rather then just adding as much mass as possible.

Will put some more recent pics up soon.

Not a bad starting point but to echo what’s been said, just keep building. Also, delts seem small in relation to other parts of your arms, chest and back.

Cheers buddy. Yeah I’ve noticed this. My rear delts are pretty well formed but my front delts don’t seem to develop as quickly. I’ve spent a while concentrating on those areas but with no result. Any ideas as far as exercises are concerned to get them bigger??