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21 Yrs Old. Risk of Using 250mg Test/Week for Years?

Hy guy! For a long-term approach to steroids, might it make sense to cycle a few years at 250mg + hcg (to mantain fertility, I’m 21yo) of testosterone per week for those who don’t want competition gains but have an extra boost? as long-term steroid use risks / benefits, what’s better? Pct, blast and cruise, high dose trt, ecc.

At 21 years old you still have plenty “extra boost” coming your way for a few more years. If you’re not competing I can’t find a good reason to do it. I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m saying seriously consider what it is you want


So a few years, will probably be forever if you do it. The longer you are shut down the less likely a full recovery becomes. You have a greater risk of fertility issues, but IMO it is overblown, and for most men HCG alone will get them fertile, and if not HCG + FSH should work (given they were fertile before using). The risks are individual. Some guys will have really high TT and FT with 250 mg/wk, others will be slightly above the top of the range. Being way over FT is probably where you get issues long term, but I doubt that 250 mg/wk is really going to cause a lot of issues for most guys.

Now, 250 mg/wk isn’t going to give you crazy results. You might be able to hold an extra 8-10 lbs (just an estimate) or so of muscle. The big benefit is being able to be leaner while holding the muscle IME. Now throw in some moderate blasts, and you can hold a bit more on your TRT dose for long periods (not sure how to quantify this).

Running a PCT is kinda the recommendation if you don’t have low T, and don’t want to give yourself low T. Now the after cycle, PCT and after PCT is a bit rough for some men (I can’t really comment as I haven’t done a PCT), but it is stated frequently.

Blast and cruise is what I do. The best gains are with this method (you can be bigger on TRT doses if you have done blasts). The gains stay after the cycle / blast better too. It is easier to keep fat off. The down side is more risk to the heart, kidney, liver, hair line… About the same risk for shut down or suppressed natural testosterone, or fertility issues as TRT. I started out on Dr. prescribed TRT, so the jump to doing blasts was not so big. I would stay away from TRT or blast and cruise unless you need TRT. If you need TRT, and you are healthy, I think it can make sense to do some reasonable blasts to get you to your ideal body, or performance goal faster, or perhaps surpass those goals.

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Thanks for reply man. yeah I think blast and cruise is the best way but if you don’t want to compete but you simply want to keep more muscle while staying leaner I think that an approach of 250mg of text per week over time (obviously after a while interspersed with a period of discharge like 125mg per week) is more than enough for a predisposed person to obtain good earnings without putting too much health at risk.
if you really want you could add a light molecule for a while for some more gain, such as proviron or primobolan

Proviron has affinity for 3b-HSD in skeletal muscle, thus it doesn’t elicit much of an anabolic effect. Furthermore oral bioavailability is abysmal at around 3%. This drug is utilised for neurological effects garnered + cosmetic effect when lean.

Primobolan is proviron (1a methyl DHT) on a DHB frame (1a methyl dhb), primobolan does elicit a hypertrophic response within skeletal muscle, but is weaker than testosterone on a mg/mg basis.

Both primobolan and proviron are harsher on lipids in comparison to testosterone as estrogen plays a pivotal role regarding glucose + lipid metabolism. Proviron/primo increase androgen index/load absent of a proportional increase in E2. There’s also the prospect of synthetic hormones being less open to hepatic metabolism.

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After some experience (on the second blast now), I don’t think adding really low proviron or primo will do much. Perhaps primo at over 500 mg/wk for 3-4 months would give noteworthy gains (it also has to do with how developed you are). A few have said here that 3X your TRT or cruise dose is a good blast if you are trying to stay moderate. For me, I cruise at 200 mg/wk, and I am mid blast right now at 600 mg/wk. I think to really notice much that the dose I am using is about right. I am 5’10", about 210 lbs and have some ab definition (don’t really know BF %). Perhaps if I was 160-170 lbs, 3-400 mg/wk would have noteworthy results.

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I also think this is a good approach, how old are you?

I am 33. I do not really suggest it unless you have low T as I did. I think suffering through PCT is better in the long run for guys that have good T production.