21 Yrs Old, Just Started TRT. Should I Take HCG?

I’m 21 currently on 200mg biweekly I will be changing to 100mg a week after next injection. I was wondering if I should be taking HCG or something along those lines to avoid infertility down the road.

I would break down your injections even more. Do 50 mg 2X per week. Unless SHBG is very high.

You could add HCG at really low doses like 250 iu 2-3X per week. HCG converts to E2 more than testosterone, so it adds some complexity to your protocol. You may end up with E2 being too high.

I would start with just testosterone, then get dialed in and understand your E2 response using blood work. After you understand where you are with the testosterone, you can add HCG. You may end up needing a micro dose of an AI (like .125 - .25 mg of adex per week) if adding HCG.

I would start TRT in isolation and add HCG at a later date, dialing in on TRT, HCG and AI’s if needed can complicate everything. Too many parts to analyze, too many chance of making the wrong move.

You never know what’s responsible for what.

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thanks for your input brother

ok thanks for the advice


Also you can get Drs name from Houston and the uk

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Is no one considering the fact that this guy is 21 years old? OP is fertility a concern?

Did you ever try Clomid or nolvadex before straight trt?

Where is your initial blood work?

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We don’t know the his circumstances do to very limited information, it would be nice to know if he’s primary or secondary and what if any other routes his doctors explored.

FSH injections together with HCG is a game changer, you can add FSH injections to your TRT protocol when looking to have kids.