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21 Yr Old Low T, Planning on TRT

Height: 69 inches
Weight: 181
BF: 11%
Waist: 32
Body and Facial Hair: Receding hair line in the past year, very hairy everywhere else. Dark hair.
Carry Fat and Where: Mostly in my love handles
RX and OTC Drugs: None
Area: Vancouver, Washington

Lab Results so far (LabCorp):
TT: 317 Range: 348 - 1197
FT: 6.6 Range: 9.3 - 26.5
TSH: 3.11 Range: 0.50 - 6.00
HDL: 74 Range: 23 - 92
cLDL: 114 Range <100
Total Cholesterol: 197 Range: <200
Triglycerides: 43 Range: <150
AST: 61 Range: 13 - 39 Note: Workout everyday so I understand why this was high
Creatinine: 1.51 Range: 0.60 - 1.3 Note:Take 5g creatine everyday, but stopped and will retest

Lab Tests to do: DHEA-S, E2, LH/FSH, and PSA

Thought I would create a thread for myself, even after reading the stickies. I have been experiencing low T for about a year, but just had it tested a couple days ago. My next move is to figure out why I have low T. My dad thinks I should go to a urologist just to have my balls checked out and make sure I don’t have cancer. I think I have hypogonadism, but I’m no doctor. I also need to find a good TRT doctor that is actually knowledgeable so I will calling a few compounding pharmacies to see if they recommend anyone. I attached a picture to show that I’m not super fat. Been working out for a few years now, mostly 5-6 days a week. Sucks to know I’ve been fighting that battle of trying to put on muscle and my body won’t help me out.

Get LH/FSH done. If LH/FSH are low, the problem is not in your testes. But you should get the lads looked at as Testicular cancer is a young man’s disease.

Also test prolactin. If elevated, get a MRI to see if there is a prolactin secreting adinoma.

No need for PSA at your age.

You need to find the cause for your low T, which is a symptom and at your age. Don’t get T tunnel vision. Find the cause. Too soon to find a TRT doctor.

Your TSH is too high. Read the thyroid basics sticky. Check your waking and mid-afternoon body temperatures. Eval your long term intake of iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine. TSH ranges are stupid. You need to be near TSH=1.0 to feel well.

Please also read the advice for new guys sticky and the sticky on things that damage your hormones.

You need these labs: TSH, fT3, fT4, prolactin

What are your symptoms of low t? Many of the symptoms of low T are the same as for hypothyroidism. Yes, you can have both. You do have hypogonadism and as you stated, you need to find out why.

Ever done gear ?

Thanks for the quick response! I only want to find a TRT doctor because I feel like it could be a long process and I want to be able to go on it as soon as I figure out what the cause is. I don’t want to start TRT until I know what the cause is. I’ve dealt with it for this long. And no, I’ve never done gear. I didn’t want to mess with my natural production, but apparently, my body sucks.

I had a minor concussion 19 months ago and I also had minor whiplash about 3 years ago. I’ve read that both these could cause low T or at least a hormone imbalance.
Brain fog, forgetful
social withdrawal; I always just thought I didn’t feel like going out. Didn’t know this could be caused by low T
Couldn’t get it up when I had a girlfriend, or I could get it up and then it would go away 3 minutes later
I do wake up with minor erections sometimes, wet dreams too.
No sex drive, no interest in sex
Less dirty thoughts when looking at women, no lust
receding hair line, thin hair

I used ZoomCare to get my lab tests done, I think I will use them again for the lab tests you recommend. You get a pdf emailed to you when they get the results back. They use LabCorp and that seems to be the recommended company on this site.

Lab Tests I’m going to get on Tuesday: LH/FSH, prolactin, fT3, fT4
Should I wait to get my TSH tested again and monitor my iodized salt intake?

You can skip TSH but a thyroid panel might include that.

Check your waking and mid-afternoon body temperatures. Eval your long term intake of iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine.

Simply try to remember if you have had long term intake of iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine. This is not lab work and you can check your temperatures now.

Alright, I checked my temperatures today:
Before I got out of bed: 97.6
Afternoon around 1: 98.5

I’m going to check it again tomorrow and possibly the next day just to make sure I get the same readings or about the same readings. I do take a multivitamin everyday, but that is only 150 mcg, not very much at all. Lately, I’ve been using garlic salt on everything so my salt intake has increased. Not saying this is good nor bad, I just recently read that sodium is actually good for working out and I read salt is about 60% sodium.

But this has nothing to do with iodine, just ranting. I have an appointment with a doctor on Monday, going to get blood tests done and MRI or something along those lines.

Will the mods remove my picture from my first post? I realize now I don’t really want my picture up there.

Temperature when I woke up this morning was 97.6 again. Not ruling hypothyroidism out, but my body temps are not low.

Also, I have an appointment tomorrow with a regular MD. She’s probably not going to know anything, but I just want to get more blood work done.

Questions I have: I take about 10000 iu Vitamin D everyday, should I get it tested?
I also started taking about 50 mg DHEA everyday about two weeks ago to try just to see what would happen, should I continue with that or stop?

Tests I want done:
E2, Prolactin, fT3, fT4, Pregnenolone, FSH/LH and possibly DHEA-S and Vitamin D depending on what KSMan says.

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There probably is no iodine in your garlic salt.

Body temps are not too bad.

How long have you been taking the vitamins with iodine? Years?

Need LH/FSH and prolactin data before MRI. If LH/FSH are high, that would be primary hypogonadism.

50mg DHEA is probably excessive, see what labs are at 25mg/day

Yeah I tried to edit it, but the picture isn’t there. I can’t remove it. I’ve been taking the vitamins with iodine for probably 3 years now. And OK, I will bring it down to 25mg a day.

I live in Vancouver too and I thought I recognized you as my daughter’s classmate. I showed her and a bunch of her girlfriends your picture and they all know you. They really thought the Low T and ED problem was funny.

Sorry, just kidding on that. My daughter’s only 9. If you’re looking for a urologist who will try to help you without putting you on TRT, you could try Eugene Fuchs at OHSU in Portland. He’ll try to find a cause. If you’re secondary, he’ll probably try a clomid restart. Don’t jump into TRT too soon. It’s a last resort at your age. The Low T clinics don’t try to find a cause. They put you right on TRT and soak you for a monthly rate. Never buy your prescriptions from your doctor.

You don’t look like you’ve had low T for long. Here’s a thread from a Portland guy who saw Dr Fuchs. He felt great on clomid with his levels at 800 -900, but it doesn’t look like the restart is working. In the animal kingdom, T levels are situational. The lead male has the highest T level. When he dies, the guy who replaces him goes from low T to high T. Most girls today are dominant, deballing feminists who don’t give a crap about men’s sex needs. Your grandparents generation got married at your age, had more babies, more sex and higher T levels.

If you can’t edit out your picture, you might want to start a new thread and let this one fade away.

That’s actually a good idea, thanks! I will start a new thread in a couple days when I get my blood tests back.

And that’s why I put my location, I was hoping someone would mention a name that is actually a good doctor and will find the cause. Thanks for the recommendation! Now I just hope they accept my insurance.

No one else post in this thread, I want it to die off because of my picture. I will start a new thread in a couple days when I have more blood work done. Thanks again!