21 YO Getting Into More Serious Lifting

Hey guys, i was wondering what your opinions are on some types of training i can incorporate. My goal isn’t really any ONE category …mass/strength/definition.

But rather, i just wanna have the body of a navy seal. Any definition is through insane physical training instead of trying to be so strict with weighing food out.

My diet maybe : Basic macro-nutrient timing…thinking less then 50g of cars on HIIT days. My friend told me to do both the westside method Monday, Wednseday, Friday…and HIIT on tuesday and thursday. I’d probably add in more abs or running on weekends. Any tips on diet/training?

bench: 345
Have only done the supersquat: usually do over 600 for 8-10 reps, so not sure on 1RM
Deadlift: 345 about 5-7 times
Good morning: very low…i do 135 for 10 reps…after 4 sets i’m dead.
Incline bench: 225 5-7 times

5’7 on a good day
195 lbs

Anyone know how to post more pictures? Everytime i try to add a picture and press submit, i only can see the text.

You’re strong, but I believe you can train to get far stronger.

You need to lose a lot of fat, but you already appear to have quite a solid frame.

By the way, what’s a supersquat?


Squat machine that’s slanted. Can face either towards it which concentrates more on my quads…or turn the other way to use my hamstrings/glute



Oh, yeah I know what you’re talking about.

I’d like to hear a backsquat number, but I know you haven’t been using them.

Nice calves, by the way. Sharp, dense shapes.

If i could…i’d like to just rip to pieces whatever muscle isn’t feeling sore monday-friday. With 3-4 days of cardio.

Monday - chest/abs
Tuesday - back
Wednesday - Legs/cardio/abs
Thursday - shoulders/traps/
Friday - Arms/abs/cardio
Sat - Abs or OFF
Sunday - Legs/cardio

But also add in circuits(supersets). Take monday for example.

-Flat bench - 5 sets probably 15-8-6-5-failure (last set is 80%-90% of 1RM)
-incline bench - 5 sets - 10-8-8-6-failure
-decline bench or push press - 3x10

  • either cable or DB flies - 3x10

Then circuit:

pushup(vary up width of my hands) - failure
bicycle situps - each side 30 times
dips - failure
military press - 15 reps
plate side bends - 15 each side

4 sets of this circuit…then maybe 2 more back to back ab exercises if i’m feeling up to it.

Any advice on my thought process/arrangment?

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[quote]slyder2412 wrote:
Seven, the tighty whities are once again “in”. Anybody who’s anybody has been sporting them. [/quote]

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Jesus, I post on here thinking i’m going to get intelligent/insightful responses and you guys can’t stop looking at my dick.

If you want the body of a navy seal go to your plastic surgeon and ask for a Navy Sealoplasty.

Very simple.

Fail for thinking all navy seals have comparable bodies.

You do more ab work in a week than I do in a month. Not much to show for it. That should tell you something about nutrition.

There is no way you can get a good leg workout the day after you train your back unless you are half assing both workouts. And if you aren’t the back workout will surely hold back your leg development. By the look of it, it appears that you are half assing the back workout.

[quote]slyder2412 wrote:
Jesus, I post on here thinking i’m going to get intelligent/insightful responses and you guys can’t stop looking at my dick. [/quote]

good observation

If you want to train like elite military I can give you some ideas but it really comes down to you being creative and pushing yourself to the limit. It’s going to suck but it will do the trick. I train with a lot of calisthenics, using 8-count body builders and pull ups as my cornerstone workouts.

Cool. I’m interested Nymphetamine. Is there a private message option on this site or can you just post it here? Give me your routine or concepts to work with so i can create my own if that’s cool. I’m still interested in strength training…big bench/squat/deadlift/good morning/etc. But…i want to push myself close to vomit if it means i’ll be able to lose body fat and build muscle. Size isn’t what i’m after, just pure strength and endurance using that attained strength. Thanks.

just keep copy and pasting man, eventually you’ll have a wall of the same thing.

and i think you already look like a navy seal.

which btw, what DOES a navy seal look like?

Ok…since two of you rather nitpick on the exact prototype of a navy seal instead of actually providing some helpful advice, i’ll clarify.

A body of pure strength from head to toe. Strength that can be used for not just one rep but for an hour. Why do i want strength for an hour? Just because it’s difficult to build up such endurance and i want a mental/physical challenge to always keep my ego at bay. Enough energy is being used per workout that although i’ll stick with macro-nutrient timing, i don’t have to be OCD about eating 20 almonds or 26. Any “helpful” advice please contribute. Thank you.

And for the back/leg workout. I’ll do upper/lats on the labeled “back” workout…and legs/lower back on labeled “legs” workout. Is that bad? It appears to be what the westside template shows.