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21 Years Old


5"5, 170 pounds. pic was take 8 months ago. dont have a recent pic.
bench 285
squat 370
clean 235


You need to get some recent pix and put up all the required ones if you want to get any kind of feedback.......... from what i saw in your pic it looks like you train biceps 3 x a week and not pushing yourself on anything else...i can't see your legs at all......your traps are somewhat lacking your forearms look weak even when flexed in the position...it's great that you have confidence in yourself as is apparent from your screenname but i think you're far from being a "stud" in many ways


Quick, dude. For your own good. Post a back and leg shot so you have one less thing (proper pics) to get flamed for. Next, I hope you have a fire suit (or a shoe).


hmmm. Nice microwave oven you have there. About how much did that cost?


Nice kitchen setup, hows mom doing?


It's a good day when I can sit back and watch the '10s flame the new '11s.

Make me proud kids!


Mom took this picture :slightly_smiling:


Just remember my man - it's all about kitchens and bathrooms and if you want to be taken seriously in here, you're gonna have to get matching appliances in that kitchen.

Other than that? You're ripped - you on creatine?


U mad?

Obviously he is on teh creatinez! Look at those massive fucking veins and shit. Actually Im calling steroidz. What? Second cycle?



no creatine, just vitamins and some protein