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21 Years Old: Test Help


Just got blood results back from my doctor and my test is hovering around 650 ng/dl. Considering that I am just under 10% bodyfat, 21 years old and lift heavy I feel as if my testosterone should be higher.

I was curious to get all your feedback and help me out here. I have very high sex drive, no mood problems, but I think having my test around 800 at my age would only help.

Another thing to mention is that I have a varicocele on my left nut (entangled veins), and I'm not sure if that affects my T levels at all.

My doc says everything with my bloodwork, especially hormonally is "normal" but let's be honest, we don't strive for normalcy here on TNation. I want my T levels upwards of 800 ng/dl.

Please help this horny bastard out


T levels are fine.. Be happy with what you got for now.. Most guys would love to have your situation..

We know nothing about you..

Read the advice for new guys sticky.


haha well what would you like to know about me in order to help?


Varicoceles have been shown to lower T levels. Getting this fixed may be enough to raise your levels.

You seem to be doing quite well, but are fixated on a number. The reference range is just a reference range. Here, we strive to alleviate the symptoms associated with low testosterone. 800-1000 generally does this, so that's what we recommend. Raising your levels 150 points may do absolutely nothing for you.

You also need to consider the rocky road that comes with supplementing testosterone. It's not an easy path for all those who travel down it.

"Oh shit! My erections are all messed up!!"
"Man, I've been feeling really pissy towards my family lately"
"My boobs are growing. What's going on?"
"I have no libido! Help!"

These are questions we see on a daily basis here from guys whose levels are between 800-1000.



What he said!! Lol


TRT is not for you ! You WILL screw your endo system and mood by intro of T at this point - stay away from the T , you don't need it