21 Years Old. First Blast During TRT, Thoughts?

Hello everyone,

I been training naturally for about 2 years now and was starting to think about running my first cycle.

My stats are 6’0, 220lbs at about ~17% bf. Wilks at 330. Nothing impressive, but not a total beginner.

Here is what I was thinking, please let me know what you guys think.

200mg test C x week split in 2 dosages (Might bump it up to 250)
50mg winstrol x day split in 2x25mg dosage throughout the day.

For the length was thinking for 8-10 weeks.

Thank you.

So your trt dose is 200mg/week and your blast then would be to add winstrol, correct and maybe bump the test a bit?

I’m no expert, but I don’t think you’ll see much in going from 200 to 250 on the test very minor at best. If it was me I’d probably just double my test for 10 weeks and see how it goes. You’re young, you have plenty of time to try other stuff. See how you respond with the extra test.

Also is this self prescribed trt or through a dr?
How long have you been on?
What symptoms led you to trt?
What are your goals with this?

If you haven’t been on trt for a year, I’d probably just hang with that; 200mg T with a great diet & hard work, will take you far.

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I been doing 140mg for my trt for the last few months, and yes its through a doc. I had all the low t symptoms like tiredness and fatigue that lead me to seek help. I made great gains at 140mg. Like finally made newbie gains that I should have made when I first started lifting.

Goal is pretty much to recomp and get stronger.

So I would go up to 200 or 250 on test and then do winstrol along with it.

The reason why I worry about doing higher test is I don’t really want to worry about any e2 symptoms. I feel for a first cycle it would make life easier just to leave that aspect alone.

Also, according to my research, winstrol frees up testosterone from binding to SHBG, so I thought it would be a good idea to up my test dosage a bit and then have winstrol do its thing and help my test be more potent along with its other properties.

What did your Pre TRT labs look like? What do they look like at 140mg/wk? TRT at 21 is a last resort IMO. Further you should make great gains on TRT alone for more than a few months. Read some first cycle posts on here and rethink things a bit.

My pre-trt levels were low 200s, my free test was also on the low end of the range. These were tested multiple times in the morning. Clomid was tried first, but wasn’t helping.

At 140mg split 2xweek, my lowest point (so tested before my next injection) is at ~750 ng/dl and my free test is on the upper end of normal.

And thanks, I will take some time and read some more before I do anything. However, I’m curious on what your thoughts on this proposed cycle? Does it seem like a reasonable approach?

I’m not a fan of winstrol so no. It’s not the friendliest of orals. There are two camps here regarding T dosage and first cycling. Some advocate 250-300mg is enough. I’m more with the group of going straight to 4-500mg/wk. I’d give some reasoning but I’m on an iPad and I hate getting lengthy as typing on this is frustrating.

Assuming long ester test… I like 10 weeks. For most any oral I like no more than 6 weeks. @iron_yuppie makes a strong case for running orals at the end of your cycle too.

How long have you been on TRT?

Almost 5 months now.

You could make some really good gains by upping your dosage. Your still pretty early into your treatment and IMO your dosage is low. Leave out the Win. Your still super young, save your organs. Bump the Test up, eat heavy and lift heavy.

Winstrol made me feel extremely lethargic and you likely won’t gain any weight on it just strength. Going from 140mg to 200mg likely won’t give you any real noticeable difference in size. I’ve taken 200mg/week TRT for years. Yes it’s helped but not to the extent you are likely thinking. If you have your TRT dialed in (make damn sure you do before doing a cycle) then I’d do 400-500mg like @blshaw said.