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21 Year Old, Low T


Heya! If some of you won’t reply due to my short membership here, that’s fine. I just need a place to keep all my info together.

I have a quite prominent bi-lateral varicocele, which I’ve had for some years. Had it checked out, only to be told it’s just an aesthetic issue, and left it at that.
I have been feeling really lethargic the last 6 months, and after feeling really shit the last month, I took a blood test at my doctors. I suffer every symptom on the list, including:
-Emotional changes
-Decreased Sex Drive
-Erectile Dysfunction (or less rigid erections)
-Decreased morning erections
-Decreased strength and/or muscle mass
-Decreased mood or overall feelings of well-being
-Decreased mental quickness and sharpness
-Decreased energy, strength and endurance
-Less desire for activity and exercise
-Increased body fat
-Night sweats and trouble sleeping
-Mild to moderate depression and irritability
-Depression and/or loss of enthusiasm for daily life

(Yes, I copy/pasted that from a T-nation article, but it was easier writing it this way, easy to forget something with all the brain fog and all)

Just before christmas I was doing sort of good, just feeling low on energy. During the holidays and after new years, it seems to have gotten worse. I have no libido, and don’t even bother training. Yesterday I fell asleep from 6pm-9pm. So of course it took a lot of time to fall asleep again, causing me to oversleep 2 hours. No workout today either, almost fell asleep before writing this.

I was at the hospital after work today, to see a Urologist. He gave me some Cialis and Clomid 50mg, and I was going to take a half one ED, then on the next package EOD.
Starting this tomorrow, after delivering a sperm sample and doing some blood tests in the morning. Still need to see the values of LH, FSH and Estradiol/Prolactin. Other values tested just before christmas is:
S-Testosterone: 202 ng/dL
FAI(haven’t measured actual free): 3
SHBG: 237,5 uG/dL
B-Hemoglobin: 14,8 g/100mL
Free T4: 1,29 nG/dL
S-TSH: 1,8 mIU/L
fS-Triglycerides: 61,95 mG/dL
S-Cholesterol: 135,14 mG/dL
LDL-Cholesterol: 69,50 mG/dL
HDL-Cholesterol: 50,19 mG/dL
S-LP(a): 70,9 mG/dL
S-ALP: 107 U/L
S-Ferritin: 75 nG/mL
S-Iron: 60,34 uG/dL
S-Transferrin: 19,11 mG/dL
S-VitB12: 494,71 pG/mL

Hoping this will kickstart my cahones into working, so we’ll see what happens after doing the Clomid for a little while. I have mixed feelings about TRT if it comes to that.

I guess that’s it for now, would love some insight here from you guys!