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21 ,Year Old Low T - High Prolactin - High Estradiol

5"11 190 pounds 17% body fat
Exercise 3-4 times per week mainly weightlifting and some hiit cardio ocassionally

symptoms : brain fog,no morning wood,low sex drive,depressed, low energy pretty much everything related to low T

Blood work i’ve done

first time in September https://imgur.com/a/mXtNT

i’ve mastrubated before this first one so that explains why it was a little bit higher,the second one i did not mastrubate or had sex for the whole week also no exercise.

second time one week after https://imgur.com/a/NRYWi

third time last week ( https://imgur.com/a/yHH9l ) (https://imgur.com/a/Og5hr ) ( https://imgur.com/a/NIv9c )

fourth time 5 days ago (https://imgur.com/a/03tFx ) ( https://imgur.com/a/5sFmm)

Went to 3 different endos two of them pesrcibed me dostinex in small dosage in order to lower prolactin but i did not take it because of the side effects,now the last one told me that my high prolactin is caused by stress and that i also suffer from some mild depression also he said that i don’t have prolactinoma and should not worry about it, so he instead perscribed me paroxetin(antidepressant)

But before this he told me also that i might have a problem with my testicles and should go to a urologist to see whats going on

I will visit a urologist tomorrow just thought you guys could maybe help me out understand whats going on with my body i just feel like shit every day,zero motivation to do anything very low sex drive.

This started happening since my teens but it was a slow decline until recently where i get morning wood only like twice a month,no drive to chase girls i just don’t feel like doing anything

Your thyroid is big mess, you need antibodies tested. How are doctors supposed to come to a conclusion with incomplete labs? Disgraceful!

Testosterone is low for a 21 year old, you’re almost scoring what my labs looked like at 45 year old when I was diagnosed with low T. After I started TRT life is incredibly good now, muscle and energy wise.

Keep pushing for TRT and never give up.

None of the 3 endos said anything about antibodies,i really dont know what should i looking to test i just feel like shit in general,the thing is i want to leave TRT as my last option and i think it could make me feel even worse since in it looks like there something else going on

High prolactin could be killing your testosterone production, get it down in ranges and see if testosterone production restored.

Prolactin is in range for the third blood work i’ve done

But very high the on the fifth test.

Yes i know,but the endo said its because of the stress from drawing blood

Does a blood draw stress you out?

Sounds made up by a quack doctor, I’ve never heard of any such garbage in my life…

Yeah a little bit but not as much as my endo likes to think,thats what he said and he repeated that again when i asked him why my prolactin was high again.

Is this the one that gave you the SSRI?

The whole conversation with him was just guessing things he went from it may be testicular failure to mild deppresion and stress being the cause of my problems.
The thing is i had to travel to visit him because we only have 2 endos in my place where i live and they said the same thing about taking dostinex

Yes and afterwards he told me how it could increase my prolactin even higher,i dont really know whats the logic behind that

Lots of red flags with this Endo.

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No doubt! It would make testing for prolactin nearly impossible.

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He is supposed to be the best endo out there and it took me 3 weeks to get an appointment with him.