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21 Year Old Female, Trainer Suggested Tbol

I’m just doing my research before I start…

My trainer has advised starting tbol just for an extra kick. Never taken steroids before, so new to this side of things. I just want to ensure I know what I’m doing.

I’m female, 21yo and trained for 6 years and looking to compete end of year/ next year.

Diet is on point and so is training.

Just want to know the ins and outs… am I likely to suffer sides/virilisation? Will I need to run a pct?

Be nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

He might just want to be your dealer. Welcome to the forums

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m very new to all this, and want to know the ins and outs before I start anything! Just to be sure!

You should educate yourself on the risks/rewards of AAS (and consequences of long term use), given that you’re a female you’ll undoubtedly be more susceptible to virilization (which could be irreversible), if you want to try TBOL a dose that would minimise the risk of virilization would probs be like 2.5-5mg/day (not recommending you take it at all, just saying don’t take the doses guys use)

sir, just curious, are you natty (you look pretty jacked, although I might be mistaking arm size due to potential internal rotation (posture wise) for 16y/o), either way you look fantastic for someone of you’re age demographic… also you’re a tall person

BTW most bodybuilders have a problem with excess internal rotation due to muscular imbalance/ tightness of chest (imbalance between pectoral/pulling and various scapulae muscles).

No judgement on my behalf if you’re on the special sauce

My only recommendation is to research the use of AAS and woman. Don’t just start taking something because a trainer told you to. Once you feel comfortable with the risk/rewards and have a good understanding of what you put in your body then the decision of using or not will be pretty easy.

This is worth a read for you…

Tbol was used by East German olympians, both men and women. I don’t know that many women are striving to look like an East German in 1982.

Anavar is the go-to steroid for the ladies. It’s the most mild in terms of side effects, and it is highly effective for both sexes. But it comes at a price. Do some research about it and see if it’s something that sounds attractive to you. Then come on back and ask any questions you have. Everyone is here to help.

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I’ve never ran Tbol personally. No idea what will happen. But I wouldn’t Recommend it.
I’d never recommend a 21 year old woman starting gear. Train for another 9 years. Figure out if you want children. And what risks your willing to take with your body. It’s not a matter of If you will have side effects. You Will have side effects, period.

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Nah my arms are 16.3 inches, rotation is due to gyno that I have had since 13(helped hide it). Pretty sure my natural test and estrogen levels are out of whack (puberty). Completely natty.
Im 5ft '8 which is actually below average in the US. Thanks for compliment though.

Shit, thatz some a nice measurement. I thought I was 5’5 but recent measurements have shown I’m under 5’5, so like 5’4 and 3/4, arms are only like 14.5 inches :(. I literally appear to have not grown a fucking centimetre since age fifteen…

I also had pubertal gyno (when I was about ten), mine went away though, if yours persists, is surgery an option? Or will healthcare not cover that.

No idea, Im hoping it will go away by the time im 18, but if not I have two options.

  1. Surgery if covered by insurance.
  2. Powerlifting, no need to show off my lumpy nips lmao.

I linked your log, because it has real female experience with AAS, less to do with the specific compound.

Your experience is going to be more valuable, than a bunch of dudes advice.