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21 Y/O in the Military. Help Interpreting Bloodwork


Well my doctor failed to follow up with me last Monday, so I took the jump with Defy. I got my physical done, and just did my blood panel for them today. I will keep everyone updated.


Best move you’ve made so far, your Defy experience will be quite different from what you’re used to. The problem with insurance doctors is they don’t have the time to do TRT the right way, ask questions and consider the answers as to how they relate to the labs values.


Okay I for sure will be asking questions once I do my 1st consultation. What can I expect with my 1st consultation, I’m a bit nervous as far as what to expect, being in the military we dont really have to much room to ask questions, at least where I’m at, and are expected to just do as we are told.


Hey there MasonoBeans, i just been following you’re post about getting help & going with DefyMedical in Florida, how did it go? your last post 6d ago did you get your first Treatment plan of Test CYP? hope you sorted out now Brother.


What’s going on man, sorry about the delay! I ended up crashing my motorcycle into a deer that jumped out in front of me, I broke my right side clavicle and fractured my left one, sprained wrists. Everything is good now though just healing up. Couple days ago I got my bloodwork back from defy, and paid the hefty first consultation fee. I’ve got my first consult August 1st so I’m pretty excited.

I will post my new blood work here soon. I was a little surprised by it for a couple of reasons, one being elevated liver enzymes, and that my testosterone spiked up on my blood test day to about 500, which I promise will fall back down soon, as it never goes above this. I’m just curious why the huge spike. I did a previous blood test one hour before the one I just did, on a separate day and that test turned out to have a lower test level like all my previous ones in the past. Does testosterone really jump that much per time fluctuations? I know there could be many other factors, but everything in my life is pretty routine, food, exercise, and other habits the only things that I think could have influenced it was the night before I got my tests done I took sleeping medications (lunesta) had pizza, which made me feel like shit because I usually dont eat greasy food, and I did also have four beers. I know my liver enzymes are elevated because the previous two weeks I was prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen for injuries (5/325) and ended up going to a wedding and a couple get togethers, I know its not smart to mix that medication and alcohol in the same day but I made the mistake. Luckily my enzymes are just only a couple points above what’s considered “high”, so nothing too serious by the looks of it.


Blood work should be attached, if you can’t read try link below.


Any thoughts on this new blood work?


Labs are miniaturized and I can’t read them.



I still think you still get TRT, main point is estrogen is below the cutoff point, Free T is tricky because it can be low an hour later. It may have just been 499 was your peak, from your past labs it showed you lower so you might be fluctuating between 367-499 and who knows where in the range you spend most of your time.

Dr Saya doesn’t chase labs, it’s an important fact that you have symptoms. All your listed symptoms are all the classic of what you would expect from low testosterone. The high DHEA-S could be adrenal hyperplasia, a condition that makes your adrenal gland overactive could be contributing to your symptoms.

High DHEA can cause causes sex hormones to get out of balance.


Can I talk to you on FB or WhatsApp ???


Military PA finally called me back after he was supposed to about a week ago, just to tell me TRT wont be an option, but wants to test my test and free test again…okay? I guess I’ll go in for the labs for my own documentation, while I wait for my appointment with defy this coming monday.


Went in for another blood draw, this time I went in about 3 hours later than I usually do, I want to see how much of a difference my test levels raise or drop.

Usual time 0800 on the dot
Today: 1130


So your doctor slammed the door on TRT yet he wants to run Total T and Free T. Strange.


Yeah I’m not really sure what his reasoning is, or why he would want to do another one, makes me suspicious for some reason.


The medical community doesn’t like TRT, it is demonized within the medical community, they are taught in medical school that if you give a man TRT he will get prostate cancer which has been proven completely false. Still the fear is still already been planted, it’s tough changing a thought process that has been there a long time.


New blood tests came back, just waiting to get them “confirmed”, before I can view them online. I Still have my appointment with defy on the 1st, some reason I thought it was today when I posted earlier… Getting very tired of being tired, anxious, and I’m especially sick of this chronic depression that seems to come and go every day. I’m on a high dosage of antidepressants but they dont do anything at all, I feel like if anything they numb all my other emotions except for depression…hmm…I’m going to get them filled one more time and call it quits, and taper off the pills. So sick of this bullshit…sorry for the rant! Really hoping TRT can help me fix that part of my life, once I am approved for it.


Hello everyone, I got my phone call from Defy today, the initial consult.

After reviewing my new labs, and some old ones that I pulled from 2015 and various other times, I am now feeling a little bit more hopeful. So far Defy has been extremely professional, straightforward, and knowledgeable.

We talked for around 45 minutes or less, I didn’t have to many questions as Mike pretty much explained everything I needed to know in the most simple form.

After talking the labs over we went into was was possibly causing my issues and different labs I should check in the future to rule anything out. I’ve had gyno removed in the army after coming back from my deployment, and now its staring to become sensitive again in my right side. I was told that I could possibly have an issue with my prolactin, could be a cyst, probably nothing but could be one of the issues, we agreed to look further into in the near future.

After the lab review, and discussing other things, we moved into a treatment plan of starting at what I would say is the the lowest and safest level, which I’m really glad were starting in from the bottom, and not instantly on injections, it makes me feel like they are somewhat concerned about my current, and future health.

I will be starting with Clomid (12.5mg) by mouth every other day for about 3 months, and will have Anastrozole 0.125 mg every other day if needed due to gyno flare up, to much water retention etc. I am under the impression we are going to try and kick start my body, so to speak, into producing more testosterone, and then see how I am feeling with that, if I am not getting expected results then we will consider the other option, injections.

I am pretty satisfied with my cost of these medication, under $100 for a 3 month supply. I paid for expedited shipping, so it should be here hopefully around next thursday or friday.

I have a question for you guys, if you have experience with a clomid only protocol, how did it work out and what is going on with you now? I would like to hope there are others with similar issues and protocols out there.

I appreciate all input. I plan on documenting most of my experience with Defy, and my journey to better well-being, and health that is related to TRT, and my issues here until I am satisfied.

Thanks everyone for the help and support!


Just got off the phone with Defy’s Mike minutes ago, needed a mini consult as estrogen is very high even on .125 AI. Defy staff really know what they’re doing.

Glad to hear your consult went well.


I took 25 mg EOD for 6 weeks. I started pre clomid low t and low e2. Clomid brought me up to 500 total t decent free t and e2 to 20 no ai.
I felt ok with it but decided to go to injections as I thought my numbers were blah. But am 41. And your 21. So you may have better results as your balls should be more efficient at your age.

Here a plus. I remember getting massive ejaculation shooting load on clomid. .

Keep us updated. Am curious as to how defy monitors you and what long-term plan is. Continue clomid or ween u of.