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21 Y/O in the Military. Help Interpreting Bloodwork

Hello everyone, after nervously waiting for a couple weeks to get my blood work in I’ve finally got it!

However, I won’t be speaking with my doctor until sometime in August, so I am hoping I can get some thoughts, and opinions here on the forum to help me interpret this.

I got a decent amount of blood work done, and I will post EVERYTHING they have given me back.

As a side note, I originally went to see my current doctor for severe Depression, Anxiety, major insomnia issues, sex drive, weight gain, and seeming to be losing strength out of no where, and after months of trying out different medications, and no success my doctor said “Screw it lets do some blood work.”.

Fresh Blood work as follows;

  • Testosterone 367 ng/dL (REF RANGE 264-916)

  • Testosterone Free 15.1 pg/mL (REF RANGE 9.3-26.5)

  • Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase 43 U/L (REF RANGE 10-71)

  • Thyroxine Free 1.31 ng/dL (REF RANGE 0.93-1.70)

  • Thyrotropin 1.93 mcIU/mL (REF RANGE 0.27-4.20)

  • Vitamin D3 45 ng/mL (REF RANGE 30-100)

  • Triiodothyronine Free 4.1 pg/mL

  • Hemoglobin A1c 5.1 % (REF RANGE 4.8-5.6)

  • Glucose 90 mg/dL (REF RANGE 65-99)

  • Urea Nitrogen 14 mg/dL (REF RANGE 6-20)

  • Creatinine 1.2 mg/dL (REF RANGE 0.7-1.2)

  • Sodium 141 mmol/L (REF RANGE 136-145)

  • Potassium 4.7 mmol/L (REF RANGE 3.5-5.6)

  • Chloride 101 mmol/L (REF RANGE 98-107)

  • Carbon Dioxide 28 mmol/L (REF RANGE 22-32)

  • Anion Gap 12

  • Calcium 9.5 mg/dL (REF RANGE 8.4-10.2)

  • Protein 7.1 g/dL (REF RANGE 6.6-8.7)

  • Albumin 4.7 g/dL (REF RANGE 3.5-5.2)

  • Bilirubin 0.4 mg/dL (REF RANGE 0.0-1.2)

  • Alkaline Phosphatase 118 U/L (REF RANGE 40-129)

  • Aspartate Aminotransferase 27 U/L (REF RANGE 0-40)

  • Alanine Aminotransferase 32 U/L (REF RANGE 0-41)

  • Urea Nitrogen/Creatinine 12 (REF RANGE 6-22)

  • Osmolality Calculated 292 mOsm/kg (REF RANGE 285-295)

  • GFR Calculated Non-Black 85 (REF RANGE >or= 90)

  • GFR Calculated Black 98 (REF RANGE >or= 90)

  • Globulin 2.4 g/dL (REF RANGE 1.9-3.7)

  • Albumin/Globulin 2.0 (REF RANGE 1.0-2.5)

  • WBC 6.5 x10(3)/mcL (REF RANGE 4.0-10.7)

  • RBC 5.0 x10(6)/mcL (REF RANGE 4.3-5.9)

  • Hemoglobin 15.9 g/dL (REF RANGE 13.5-17.2)

  • Hematocrit 46.8 % (REF RANGE 38.8-51.3)

  • MCV 93.1 fL (REF RANGE 81-98)

  • MCH 31.7 pg (REF RANGE 26.0-33.0)

  • MCHC 34.0 g/dL (REF RANGE 31.0-36.0)

  • RDW CV 13.1 % (REF RANGE 11.3-15.2)

  • Platelets 183.0 x10(3)/mcL (REF RANGE 150-450)

  • MPV 9.5 fL (REF RANGE 7.2-11.1)

  • Neutrophils 58.4 % (REF RANGE 40.0-74.0)

  • Lymphocytes 30.6 % (REF RANGE 19.0-48.0)

  • Monocytes 6.9 % (REF RANGE 3.4-9.0)

  • Eosinophils % 3.5 % (REF RANGE 0.0-7.0)

  • Basophils 0.6 % (REF RANGE 0.0-1.5)

  • Nucleated RBC/100 WBC 0.1 /100 WBCs

  • ABS Neutrophils 3.8 x10(3)/mcL (REF RANGE 1.9-8.0)

  • ABS Lymphocytes 2.0 x10(3)/mcL (REF RANGE 0.9-5.2)

  • ABS Monocytes 0.4 x10(3)/mcL (REF RANGE 0.16-1.0)

  • ABS Eosinophils 0.2 x10(3)/mcL (REF RANGE 0.0-0.8)

  • ABS Basophils 0.0 x10(3)/mcL (REF RANGE 0.0-0.2)

  • Amphetamines NEGATIVE

  • Cocaine NEGATIVE

  • Opiates NEGATIVE

  • Phencyclidine NEGATIVE

  • Cannabinoids NEGATIVE

  • Barbiturates NEGATIVE

  • Benzodiazepines NEGATIVE

  • Oxycodone NEGATIVE

Testosterone numbers are not good for a 21y/o. You need LH, FSH, prolactin, SHBG, DHEA-S, IGF-1 and estradiol testing.

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Thank you, I’m hoping with these number my GP will refer me to a specialist. I’m a little worried that you say its low, I know some doctors would probably consider this “normal”, but is it really? I constantly feel like shit and have no drive to do anything but sit at home and sleep. I never really feel happy anymore, my happiest time in life was in highschool when I could lift weights and get sexually aroused at a seconds notice. I now have to struggle to keep a solid erection, sorry for the vulgarness but the second I dont have hard physical stimulation on my genitals it goes flat. I cant think of my partner in my head and then get hard, like how I used to be able to in highschool. I don’t have sex drive almost at all, if I do its random and on my own time. My partner has a hard time turning me, even though she is what I consider incredibly attractive.

My doctor I’m seeing now is just a military psychiatrist so I’m not going to be surprised if she has much knowledge on the subject. I hope she realizes that I’m possibly deficient in test, and sends me to a specialist like stated previously. I’ve gained so much weight in the last year and a half not good weight.

You have old man test levels. Good luck getting them to help you. You need to find out why you’re low and go from there. I know an air force flight surgeon and she told me that many in the air force are on test, but they go outside of the government for it and tell her off the record.

You need to be prepared that this doctor will have limited knowledge about male hormones, the key word here is “military psychiatrist”. Anything connected with the VA is problematic who don’t even have access to estrogen sensitive tests for men which is essential for successful TRT.

The weight gain suggests hypothyroidism, no tests for Free T3, Reverse T3 and antibodies suggests cluelessness. Free T3 is where the rubber meets the road and is the only active thyroid hormone, insurance based doctors only care about within ranges and will lie to you and say you’re normal when you’re scoring at the bottom of the ranges. How could you not have symptoms way down there?

A military psychiatrist will throw more drugs at the problems because that’s all they know, it’s amazing to me all psychiatrist don’t know how to do hormone therapy. Hormones are the reason for psychological problems in the first place. The sad truth is hormone therapy isn’t profitable enough for doctors to waste the time.

There aren’t many doctors in the world today that know how to properly diagnose a testosterone deficiency let alone treat it. Endo’s and urologists don’t usually specialize in TRT, therefore you can’t get proper hormone therapy inside insurance networks, there just aren’t any hormones specialists within the medical system.

I know exactly how this appointment is going to go, “you’re normal”, for an 80 year old man.

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I had the exact same symptoms pre TRT, make sure you find an Endo that’s willing to prescribe you a suitable protocol that keeps your estrogen in check (could take a couple tries). Just because you are within lab ranges doesn’t mean you are at optimal levels, your numbers are at the end of the lab range. Sadly, I’m seeing a lot of younger guys like myself have these issues and I’m thinking it must be in the amount of chemicals we are exposed to now a days. It’s very hard to find a knowledgeable endo that’s up to date with his information. Always go by how your feeling and your symptoms rather than numbers. Also, when did you take your blood tests? Your hormones are at peak in the morning and fluctuate during the day. Whats your diet like, are you Iodine deficient, getting enough calories, etc.

I suggest by reading the stickies and stacking up all the information you can find in this forum (and outside) just in case you go on TRT and know what your getting yourself into.

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Yup, everyone was right. I just got off the phone with her, and literally all she said was “I just looked at your levels and they seem pretty normal to me.”.

What the hell do I do now?

Im going to make an appointment with my primary care manager and see what he says, I’m also just going to straight up ask him for a referral to a endocrinologist that is off post. (Civilian)

Wish me luck I guess.

Its gonna be tough at those levels. I know my insurance wont cover anything unless I have two morning test under 300 ng/dl. It’s a joke. I had one bw at 293 but it was 2pm and doesn’t count. I had two other bw results at 7am but the T level was 311 ng/dl. It’s over 300 so I have to pay full price. Nothing is covered by my insurance.

alldayeveryday is correct, insurance will not typically cover you unless you have two readings below 300, it’s a tactic insurance companies use to deny paying out for life long treatment, imagine the cost involved being on TRT for the next 60+ years.

You have to go private and pay for treatment yourself, or the alternative is continuing as you are now. Very few doctors even know how to diagnose a testosterone deficiency and figure out that it’s not alright for a 21 year old man to have the same levels as a 80 year old.

Don’t expect different treatment from the endocrinologist, there the worst a hormone therapy. The problem is there aren’t any hormone specialists inside insurance networks, hormone therapy is demonized be most of the medical community, so none exists. Those who have a clinical need are still denied TRT, it’s somehow taboo to most of the medical community.

Defy Medical is your best option, they offer telemedicine for those living in other parts of the country. They staff real doctors, unlike some of these T-mills.

I have good insurance and it’s ******* useless as all the doctors are TRT ignorant, I pay for my own TRT out of pocket.

How much do you typically pay with the company you mentioned? I really dont want to have to pay out of pocket but I guess if that’s what I have to do I will probably eventually do it.

The cost is $1300-$2000 yearly includes consults, medicines and labs. You pay as you go, it’s very reasonable. A year ago I said no way am I paying for TRT, it’s amazing what we will do when we have no choice.

The cost doesn’t sound too crazy I suppose, does this include HCG and inhibitors etc? I would like to have kids one day. Im pretty sure I’m already sterile due to my wife and I have sex with no condoms birth control etc and nothing has happened, but who knows.

The high end cost is based off higher dose Test, HCG and AI. You may not need a high dose, some do need more to get to high normal, for comparison I’m only on 16mg EOD, that’s only 64mg weekly. You can get higher levels on smaller more frequent dosing.

Muscles are getting crazy hard in just 4 weeks on this little bit of test, I’m low SHBG so I have a ton of free testosterone, unfortunately that also means a ton of free estrogen. Some have quit just the TRT and increased HCG dose to get the wives pregnant, then resumed their TRT protocol together with their HCG.

The right physician will know exactly what to do.

Have you ever tried HCG to get the wife pregnant?

Okay I gotcha, I’m hoping if I go the route you have showed me, it wont cost to much. I’m REALLY hoping the doctor I’m going to see on the 11th will be open minded and not just send me off with the oh everything is normal bullshit. I just want an expert doctor to help me out with this so bad within the military so I can get everything squared away, I get out of the army this October and would love to have started a plan.

Also I haven’t used any type of supplements, or prescription meds to help with fertility.

So I talked with my primary doctor today, not my psychiatrist. I was a little pushy with what I wanted to do and let him know what I think about my hormone levels, even though he did say they were in the normal range. I was about to tell him that if I cant find the type of help and consultation I was seeking I would probably end up going outside of the network and into my own pocket. I was told he was going to talk with one of the main pharmaceutical specialist here on post I guess and talk about the considerations of using hormone therapy, however he did tell me there was no pills or injections to be involved, only gel. I know there is a huge stigma behind it due to the constantly fluctuating levels and reapplication etc, but if I can at least get into the system as needing the treatment I can always in the future switch doctors and attempt to do my own administration’s via injection once I’m out of the military and then continue on using the VA or tricare. I will hear back from him next week supposedly. Wish me luck.

No one inside an insurance network will give a 21 year old TRT without first trying Clomid or HCG which both have a very small chance of success.

No state run health insurance will approve TRT with your numbers.

Yeah who knows what they are going to do I just want to feel normal. I’ve got federal government provided insurance that does cover TRT but it doesn’t go into specifics.

You know I don’t see any free T3, reverse T3 and antibodies tested, you can check thyroid status by measuring oral morning and afternoon body temperatures using a glass thermometer. Low thyroid has the same symptoms as low T.

Im gonna look into this further at my next appointment, it also could very well be my thyroid, however both issues run in my family. Thank you systemlord for keeping in the loop with me, I appreciate it.