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21 Y/O. Extremely High SHBG, Low Free T. KSman?


-21 year old male
-Diagnosed as hypothyroid back in June
-Doc started me on NatureThroid. Ramped me up to 97.5 mg/day
-Brought my TSH to 2.620.
-Still slowly increasing NatureThroid with the goal of bringing it closer 1

She did comprehensive bloodwork in September including both a hormone panel and a metabolic panel.

Everything was in normal, healthy ranges except some of my hormones.

September Bloodwork:

TSH: 2.620 (.450-4.500 uIU/mL)
T4 Free: .93 (.82-1.77 ng/dL)
Reverse T3: 15.7 (9.2-24.1 ng/dL)
DHEA Sulfate: 334 (164-530 ug/dL)
Estrogens: 63 (40-115 pg/mL)
Total Testosterone: 876 (348-1197 ng/dL)
Free Testoserone: 16.3 (9.3-26.5 pg/mL)
LH: 7.7 (1.7-8.6 mIU/mL)
FSH: 6.0 (1.5-12.4 mIU/mL)
SHBG: 73.3 (16.5-55.9 nmol/L)
DHT: 67 ng/dL (no range given, “normal” printed next to number)
Prolactin: 8.1 (4.0-15.2 ng/mL)

My SHBG is very concerning. My free T is on the low end, and my Estrogen is higher than I’d like. I’m not a steroid/drug user and never have been.

If you need any other specific, non-hormonal values let me know which ones and I can post them. She performed a full panel blood test. Everything else looked normal, I just don’t have time to type out every last result.

My ALT/AST values were good also. I completed a liver cleanse recently.

ALT: 24 (0-44 IU/L)
AST: 29 (0-40 IU/L)

I’ve had huge difficult gaining strength/size in recent months and am thinking it is related to my hormone levels. Any tips for how I should advance next?

I really want to avoid any drugs/TRT at all costs.


One another concern I forgot to mention…

My IgE is 240 (0-100). I’ve always had allergies. My doctor suggested candida/leaky gut as a possibility for my high IgE. She tested my candida levels though and they were well within heathy ranges. I ran a 30 day liver cleanse this past month hoping to heal my gut and cleanse some of the estrogen/SHBG from my system. Doesn’t seem like the liver cleanse helped much with any of my values.