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21 Y/O, Bloodwork Is a Mess

Hey guys, I’ve been symptomatic for about a year now; unfortunately, I’m from Canada so getting proper bloodwork has been a challenge. That being said, I’ve finally made contact with a clinic in the states and have gotten my blood work done. As you guys will be able to see my numbers are pitiful. I’ve been obsessively researching for about a year now and have been reading these forums for nearly as long, so I have a pretty general idea of where to start but would love to get some input from some of the experts of this forum.

So, your T is very low, your Albumin number reflects that. Your SHBG is quite low, and I don’t know what’s going on with that DHEA number. TSH is high, for no good reason because your thyroid numbers are indicating hyperthyroidism. Have you seen a GP about the thyroid? Or an endocrinologist? Where in Canada are you? It’s not particularly more difficult to do things there, it’s just different than the US

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Thanks for the response, yeah the elevated DHEA is my fault as I was taking 25mg at night before bed during the time the blood was drawn. Also, I had been supplementing with iodine at the time of the blood draw as well could this have messed with my thyroid results? Finally, I have seen my GP and a urologist but I was told everything was normal and was sent home.

Go see a different urologist or an endo. Your numbers are outside of the ranges given, so they cannot possibly be in range. The iodine could be jacking you thyroid numbers for sure. Your Total Test is 80 points below the bottom of the range. That is a hell of a lot. Where exactly are you in Canada? It’s a big place, and there are excellent doctors there, you just didn’t go to any of them.

Edit - Your Calcium is low by the way. I know it’s “in range” , but it’s not actually. But that could be a one time anomaly.

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I’m from New Brunswick, and you’re right there are good doctors here in Canada, the unfortunate piece, is that the referral process can take months. That being said I do have a follow-up with this clinic on the 11th, so I’ll have to pay out of pocket, but hopefully I can get some help.

@systemlord I know you’re a proponent of frequent injections for guys with low SHBG. If you don’t mind me asking what starting protocol for TRT would you recommend I push for at my consultation?

I would push for 14mg enanathe daily injections using 27-29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads. Cypionate 10mg daily.

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Thank you for your quick response will do. I’ve also read about your issues lately, and I wish you well.

Shbg so low. Are you insulin resistance?
Your glucose was 99 if this is fasting it is high.
You can check fasting insulin levels.
Did you check prolactin?

Investigate this. If you decide in injections no need to do everyday. 2x a week is plenty.

Here are some causes of low shbg:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes/insulin resistance
  • Hyperprolactinemia

Also read…

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Yeah those were my levels fasted, I guess I’ll have to investigate that thank you.

Do you think I should ask my doctor about metformin?

I would first do insulin test. And retake thyroid labs after a couple of weeks of stopping the iodine.

Retake fasting glucose.
There also a blood test called c peptide.

Your a1c is good but could be better.

Then maybe ask about metformin especially if glucose is near 100.

At your age too man - I would do testicles ultrasound and MRI pituitary

Rule out bad stuff. Also I would redo cortisol and do an AM cortisol along with acth.
Also check iron or ferritin

Ok, will do. Do you think it’s okay to start TRT during this time frame or should I wait for those blood-tests to come back? Also I have had a testicular ultrasound, and I agree an MRI of my pituitary is in order especially considering my high igf-1.

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I know it sounds exciting to do trt but I would wait a little longer. Or else you will always wonder and say ‘what if’ …

You are 21 with low t. This is not normal. Need to do best to determine cause and mage sure you do not have any bad disease causing this.

Btw if you middle leg is not working good, get Viagra or cialis.

The dhea you were taking can elevate igf.
Prolactin test is good to see if you have a prolactin tumor in pituitary. But MRI will be best

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No, I agree it’s just tough having to essentially put your life on hold. I’ve tried every diet and exercise/supplement under the sun over the past year to no avail.

Am sure within the next few weeks you will decide. Not sure how good your drs is at ordering tests

Supplement are BS. You have low t. It’s not like you are trying to raise your t by 50 points

And it’s good to get baseline of all those things I mentioned before you start trt.

At your age you can also try clomid. If your testicles are working properly you will see your t increase.

My GP is an extremely nice man just somewhat old-fashioned, (still believes TRT causes prostate cancer). I’d also like to add I know I’ve been screened for diabetes multiple times over the past year and it always has come back negative, but that being said I’ve never been privy to the actual numbers. Oh and I’ve tried Clomid, didn’t seem to help much.

Screened… Am sure that only entails checking a1c.

Need fasting insulin and glucose. And c peptide if he orders it

You glucose is 99. Over 100 you a sort of considered pre diabetes.

This will lower your shbg

Hey man you are on top of this now and educating yourself. You will be fine.

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Did you take labs while on clomid?
What was your protocol?
If you took labs and it did not raise your testosterone, that means you are primary hypogonadism. Meaning testicles not working. In This case you would def need trt.
I think this would mean you has testicles injury? Or else you would have had problems with puberty.

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My levels never shifted much, like I said I don’t know exact numbers, but my GP always told me they were around the same and told me I could continue the clomid if it made me feel better. I’ve been kept in the dark throughout this whole process.I see my GP on the 4th, so maybe I can get a better idea of my history then. Never had a testicular injury per se, but when this all started a year ago, I was having pains in my testicles, that I believed at the time was epididymitis. Could’ve been something else.