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21 Y/O 5 and a Half Years Training

What do you think about my physique and competing in muscular men’s physique ?


Hopefully men’s physique doesn’t judge legs…


Such a positive and meaningful comment :slight_smile:
Well my point in going in men’s physique is because I do have a nerve dammage on my right leg so I can’t properly pop the outer head of it.
But hey If you want a picture of me flexing legs It will probably make you change your mind :slight_smile:

Well they are part of your physique. Your only as strong as your weakest link… Oh that’s chain, nevermind.

Well I can only agree :slight_smile: thank you for your time !

Legs or no legs, who cares! You look great.

I don’t care for rate my physique threads but i would be interested in what your training curently looks like, diet, training history and so on.


That and your training history? Any gear use and stuff cause damn, you look awesome at 21.

Appreciate the feedback guys !
Well I will try to be as precise as possible feel free to PM me if you want more info

My training history started at 16 years old with a full body routine 5 times week for 3 months
After that I went on a 5 days split routine Chest/bics, Back/trics, Shoulders/traps, Legs, Bics/trics

After 3 years of traning I went up to 6 days split routine
This is what I’m currently following
D1 Chest and Triceps -> 6 chest exercices, 2 triceps
D2 Back and Biceps -> 6 back exercices, 2 biceps
D3 Shoulders -> 7 exercices I barely train traps anymore since I’m really lucky with this muscle group
D4 Hammies and Glutes -> 6 hammis, 2 glutes DEADLIFT DAY BBY
D5 Biceps and Triceps -> 4 biceps, 4 triceps I always rotate between the muscles during exercices example Biceps curl then triceps extension etc no superset unless i want to get a pump in the end
D6 Quads/calves -> 6 quads, 1 calves

I prioritize Compound and free weight exercices always then I go to the cables, assisted etc toward the end of my work out.

Every first exercice I do a warm up set with light weight after that I go heavy really fast.
The base is 4 x 12 forma but everytime I do 12 I go higher ending up with set of 3 reps and when I max power 1 RM

My Diet is 3000kcl + going up slighty in weight. VERY high proteins, medium to low carbs, necessary fat
This is what work the best for me so far Power to weight ratio and fat of course …

NO GEAR has been used so far, I live by the moto do the Most with the least but I’m seriously considering a first cycle by the end of this year ? (maybe) Posted on ShadowPro Q&A to ask him advices

By the way I’m 172cm for 83kgs

If I forgot anything or you want to know more just tell me !


Damn, that’s a lot of work you’ve put in. You should start a training log or something here, it’d be interesting to follow along.

Yep really great shape for your age.

Maybe just fat level in that photo or genetic structure but try work on blitzing/separating out the lower abs as physique obsessed with the six pakz

I will start a training log from today it can be fun to share my progress and mark it in time hehe

For my abs, You are right I never achieved the lower abs separation even though I’m quiet lean for my size (10%ish) right now.
But in the past I hit 8% at 75kgs and I still had the same problem so I believe it might be genetic structure or du to a surgery (for internal bleeding) I got years ago.
I will probably be fixed when I hit the gear and get ridiculously shredded.

Good shape for 21, great back and arms… considering you have no legs and you are a little bit narrow… you need to create more ilusion!!! If you improve your delts and quads you’ll create some ilusion of being wider/ larger. Doing this, your Delts/ Quads/ Back x small waist will create some great ilusion.

Good job man.

Love the advice going to work on that path ! thanks

I’m also shaped like you. Not blessed with a tight waist, one thing and this is NOT a brotip is to always use a lifting belt really tight. It’ll help to contain your waist from grown and keeping it intact or even tighter. It might sound like total BS but it works for me as well as Artemus Dolgin.

Great shape btw for 21. You got potential. Shoulders are great, chest is good but needs a little more work on mid section and also lower section. (Just throw in more decline and flat bench)

it is a brotip. and it’s not backed by science. You’ve provided exactly 2 people, including yourself, who make the claim. That does not equate to ‘it works’. It’s actually EXACTLY how a brotip is defined. 2 bros did a thing and decided it works. Do you have any evidence of Artemus Dolgin ever having a large waist? Or that the reason it is small is the belt? This is a great example of the logical fallacy of mistaking correlation with causation. Have you considered the fact that the lifters who are most notorious for wearing very tight belts in all of their training are powerlifters? Shouldn’t we see a lot of powerlifters with very small waists if your claim is true?


You’re right I don’t know what I was thinking. If its not backed up by science it is a brotip lol, backed up by broscience. Anyway it does work for me to keep a tighter waist, it might not work for others…who knows. Also Shaun Standridge backs it up