21 Y/O, 155lbs, 5’11, Training 2 Years. What to Focus On?

I’m wondering what you guys think I should focus on more in my physique. I’ve been training for 2 years now. First pic is when I started out and the last ones are my most recents.


Personally have a good overall physique the things I would focus on would be back width obliques (vtaper), forearms traps. Maybe more calf work. You have a solid base to build from, try to add some more lean mass on top of you and youll be killer.


Thanks man appreciate the advice, I’m looking to compete someday

Add mass everywhere at this point. You are fairly balanced, just not very big. See if you can add 20 lbs while staying lean. That should be possible.

You have some nice balance and fairly low body fat.
Plus it looks like you can add muscle, considering you only have two years of weight lifting.

You need to add more muscle in order to compete successfully, and maybe quite a bit more muscle.

How is your strength?

  • How many pullups can you do?
  • How many dips can you do?
  • What is your bench press for 5 reps?
  • What is your squat for 5 reps (three white light depth)?
  • What is your deadlift for 5 reps?

IMO, you must be fairly strong to better bigger muscles. Hypertrophy requires higher reps (e.g., 10 to 12 reps, with squats up to 20 reps is good). But not so much higher reps with light weight, but higher reps with heavy weight. Strength train for 2 or 3 months and then higher reps for size for 3 or 4 months. Then back to strength training, and so on, and so on…

Sufficient protein and calories is needed, but don’t forget adequate sleep.
Considering where your body fat percent is now, try to always be able to see abs. They don’t have to be sharp, but keep them visible. Remember that you are building muscle, so you must have a calorie surplus.

I just started tracking my calories and I eat about 4,000 a day. I’ve never really trained for strength but if I do that I’m sure I’ll blow up in size with the extra calories that I’m getting in now.

If you’re truly eating that much and staying that lean/small, I’m guessing you’ll end up being like me, in that eating will almost always be the biggest obstacle for growth. You’re going to have to continually push up calories to grow. I personally respond very well to high carb diets, that’s how I grow. Any idea what your macro breakdown looks like on most days? Do you try to eat clean or no?

And as others have said, your balance is good. I don’t see anything that I’d call a ‘weak point.’ I strongly disagree with ‘obliques, forearms and traps’. That’s just gettting into the weeds too much at your size. You shouldn’t be focusing AT ALL on the smallest muscle groups. You need to fucking GROW! lol. Push everything hard. Work on the big, compound movements that give you the most bang for your buck. Focus on the big muscles, and don’t worry about trying to achieve an even more ‘balanced’ physique. You’re already there, focusing on the minute details will just slow your progress.


Thanks man that put a big smile on my face. I’m really looking forward to see just how big I can get. I started eating around 4,000 calories about 2 weeks ago and on average I get about 46% of carbs, 37% of fats, and 17% of protein. I plan on bulking like this for about a year and then start to get lean again.

More protein, at least 1.5 grams per lb.

I would also lower fats a bit, a prefer to keep fats lower when eating a lot of carbs.

What does your diet look like? 4000 seems a bit high. How do you track?

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I picked up a food scale and I just weigh it out then log into myfitnesspal

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Meh. Maybe, maybe not. I’ve never eaten that much protein and I’ve done alright. I would say at most I’ve gotten 1g per lb on a regular basis. I probably hover at .7-.8 g/lb most days.

To me, I don’t think there is any one size fits all model for protein intake. I know a lot of people who go very high with protein and it works for them, and then others who are like me and take in a very minimal amount of protein and still get big and strong with higher fat/carb intake. When I’m eating to put on size/strength, I take in 800ish carbs per day. That’s crazy high compared to a lot of people I know, but it’s what I have to do for my metabolism.

So, I don’t want to come across as saying that your suggestion is wrong, in any way. It might be what he needs, it might not be. I’ve just found that people with crazy high metabolism tend to need to push the carbs more than protein.

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Are those with pump?

Either you aren’t 155 lbs or are 5’7"
I never thought 155 at 5’11" can look like that…

As you can see his legs/arms pretty much everything is very small. Just very lean and aesthetically balanced. He’s doing great and if @flipcollar is correct about him being similar in metabolism to himself that would be a real feather in his cap. Naturally lean guys tend to stay leaner even when bulking which is a great combo.


Maybe I dont have the eye for it, but I thought he is looking good, not small.
I’d be pretty happy if I had that physique lol, 155 seems deceptively low, I’d like to know his lifts and if the 2nd last pic is with a pump or not.
This is a pretty good physique IMO, just didnt think this can be 155 lol (probably with pump)

I would assume that since he’s taking it in the gym… its pumped. Most people on here don’t give realistic relaxed photos. (neither do I lol, my avatar is a pump)

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Ah I see,
I’d like to see what an average genetic 6 foot person can achieve in 1 year non-pumped

Physique + lifts that is

Eat and get up to 200 lbs !!! nothing more to focus on

Why? You’ll never look like that person. We are all so different just because your height plus weight plus lifts are the same, it doesn’t mean anything.


I know, I was just curios.
I’m sure even with the same muscle mass I’d look different due to length of limbs, insertions, muscle bellies etc.

You worry too much my dude.