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21 too young for 4 AD-EC?

Hey all, I have two bottles of 4AD-EC from biotest. Do you think 21 is too young to take this sort of supplement?

I wanna try and add some LBM and possibly decrease body fat before the upcoming police academy.

Just want some opinions. By the way…I EAT very clean and lift hard so it’s not as if I would be taking this supplement and not training smart and eating right. I realize nothing can replace those two factors.

You’re over 18, so you should be fine. I know at least one person who’s 19 on this forum and is taking it (not me).

I am 20, almost 21 and I took 2 bottles of the stuff. It worked really well. Iw as using on the fat fast though so not sure how well it would work for a bulking cycle, although I am sure it would be awesome.
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If you are eating clean and training hard already you will notice a pretty dramatic increase in your development when you take these supplements. At 21 you should be fine. Biotest suggests 18 and over. If I eat above maitenance on either 4ad or Mag-10 I put on LBM. If I eat normal maitenance or below I lean out and harden up. Strength and endurance increase no matter what. - Good Luck at the Police Academy.

I would suggest using mag 10. I am 22 and used it with great results. I gained about 9lbs of LBM with 2 bottles. But if you already have the 4AD-EC, then I would say def use it. Maybe get some Tribex and M as well. This should help you to keep your gains.

Cool! Thanks for all the input!