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21 Too Late to Start BBing


i was skinny all my life and i want to start lifting. i doubt is 21 too late to start working out ? i mean i want to stay natty all my life and will i make good gains ? i'm not sure about my test levels but i fap a lot :D.

any advice regarding training/dieting welcome.

and also tell me do i have potential ?

height : 5 foot 7 and a half may be
weight : 52kg
goal : 90kg < 15% bf
time : don't know but as long it takes
26 waist 45 shoulders 35 chest 11 arms 16 legs FML

will i reach my goal natty ?


I've no idea what natty means.

I'm glad you masturbate a lot. Alternate hands so you don't grow one to be bigger than the other.

Anyway, in case this is a serious post, no you are not too old.

Don't eat fast food, pizza, sweets, coke and other crap, alcohol. Eat good food. If you have a mom she probably has a roughly decent idea what good food is if she ever cooked.

And go do full squats, bench press, overhead press, deadlifts, dips, pull ups, rows.


you have still the possibility to develope in bb even drug free. you need serious attitude to make training, nutrition and recovery a priority. lordstorm pointed out: stick to the basics for a couple of years: sq, bp, ohp, dl, dip, pull up, row. master the technique,range of motion, intensity and grow. don't ask anyone for permission to train or grow or reaching a goal. the answer is yes you can grow.