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21% to 11% In 3 Months Possible?


Ok i need to know the best possible way to drop fat in 3 months. I just recently calculated my body fat percentage and it was rather dissapointing.

Which eating habits should i follow>?


check out bodyforlife

slashed my bofyfatpercentage from 18 to 9 in 12 weeks.


Why three months?


Mabey T-Dawg for the first 2 months, and the Velocity Diet for the last month.

After that, do Berardi's 7 Habits. If you like it enough, get Precision Nutrition. Its a much more complete system.


Ditto. You might be able to do it, but geez, you may end up losing a crapload of muscle if you are not careful. Are you pretty much a beginner in terms of lifting experience? If so, then maybe you will have an overall better response.

But even still, 3 months seems like an arbitrary goal without more info.


I would have to agree and disagree, V-Diet for the first 4 weeks and then T-Dawg. The T-Dawg diet is even recommended to be cycled onto after the V-Diet by Shugart.


i dont think u should drop weight fast, i did it and it was a BIG mistake. i was 222lbs and i droped to 187lbs in 1.5 months.with that went all my size.i went from at the time benching 365,and by the time i was done i was having trouble with 200.its not fun and its not all that healthy of safe, so take your time and do it right. plus it sucks coming back from it when u want to get big again.


Just go for 2lbs per week.
In 12 weeks, you should be able to drop 24lbs of fat.


Yes it is possible check out the results of these people who lost one helluva lot more than that


But why the rush? Who cares if it takes 3 months not 4 months? or 6 months? You want to make this a journey you love doing.

Discover better eating habits that are actually BETTER, taste better, more nourishing, and just great.

Incorporate new recipes that you love that are great for you.

Do exercise that is fun, challenging and shifts gears in your metabolism.

The instant results, 3 month fix mentality is the kind of instant gratification seeking that got you fat in the first place, eating fast food no doubt.

Drop it.

Also posting a thread asking for advice is so flippin' lazy, another fat person habit, do some effort: click on "search" at top of the screen, and search for these articles

running man

that should give enough leads onto other threads and keep hitting search again and again reading the material.

And stop being lazy.

Otherwise, good luck, because you really can do it and in 12 weeks you'll look back and think it was one of the most positive experiences of your life, IF you take control of it and make it happen (as opposed to hope someone will land it all in your lap or provide a magic fix as a tablet, a routine, or a diet).


Nah im not a beginner from lifting. Yes it is an arbitrary goal.


That may be rough. Would be easier if you said 41 to 31.
Eat clean, don't be fanatical, and give it your best shot. hell, keep a diary with food and workouts and write your own booklet and sell it on ebay


Ok, you had to know that someone was going to ask what approach you took to losing that amount of weight in 1.5 months. That's about like my story of where I want to be. I'm 210 now and want to be in the 180s.


bigdawg22, when you went from 220 to 187 in the short period, did you even get cut, or you lost all this weight, all this strength and was just "skinny fat"


V-diet is way too harsh to be on it for 4 weeks without major modifications.

T-Dawg will get you there provided you train properly, and don't turn into a cardio bunny.


stallion is kidding right....?


I dunno...fuck...

Get some liposuction.

Instead of worrying about numbers why don't you start trying not to be a fatty. Like eating like a fatty, doing nothing, not using the search function, etc...

Andyou said percentages and shit, do you have any idea how much you have to lose to attain that goal? That might give us better insight.

Happy eating.


i think it was 50,50, i dont advise it at all.its not a good idea. i was dumb for doing it.it wont ever happen again.i ate tuna,and chicken.drank only water.i had zero energy and no strength. and it took a long time to get it back.it would have been better to lose the weight in 4 months and keep the size then how i did it.